Are You Ready for a Gronk-Mojo Tag Team at WWE WrestleMania? Rawley Says It Could Happen! Uncategorized - March 10, 2017

Mojo and Gronk on SportsCenter

You’d better all be checking flights to Orlando April 3, as Gronk may be seen as never before — in the WWE ring.

BFF, party bro and general bad-ass Mojo Rawley made his debut appearance on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” Wednesday night, where he hinted that Gronk may be joining his as a tag team partner for the Super Bowl of the WWE.

When asked by wrestler-turned-ESPN-host Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman if we’d ever see Gronk (temporarily) swap his Patriots jersey for wrestling gear, Mojo told him: “Robby G. and me have been talking about this for a very long time.

“We’re planning our moves very carefully because I am dying to get him into the squared circle. WrestleMania is around the corner … my tag partner [Zack Ryder] is hurt. It might be time to get Robby G,” he said.

Now that, my friends, is what in the industry we call a tease!

Of course, Gronk and Mojo have been friends for years, back to when the WWE star was still going by his real name of Dean Muhtadi and played football at Maryland with Dan and Chris Gronkowski.

“I’ve known the Gronks for a long time, we all kind of came up together — getting into a little bit of trouble over the years, mixing it up, partying together but also working really hard in the process. I call Papa Gronk my second dad and he calls me his sixth son,” Mojo explained.

The Coach then dropped in how Gronk even overshadowed Kurt Busch a few weeks ago at the Daytona 500 by partying until 5:30 a.m. then still getting up to host for Monster Energy.

He also naively asked if Mojo could keep up with the party stakes. Seriously?!? Has he ever met the Hype Man?

“Can I hang? C’mon baby! Rob is the one trying to catch up with me! And it’s not 5:30, not if he’s with me, cos we’re going none stop, balls to the wall. That’s what we do,” Rawley said. And no, he’s not exaggerating.

As for the differences between the NFL and WWE, the latter is even tougher than the grid iron, he revealed.

“Number one, there is no off season here. We’re at it every day, every month, every year. In football, you’ve got that off season, you can think I can suck it up for a few more weeks,” Mojo said. “It’s that constant grind day in and day out, and making sure you can sustain an entire career here. Around here, if you get hurt, there are a lot of other people waiting to take your spot.

Check out the video from ESPN below.