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UFC’s Rashad Evans VS. Baby Gronk

When Glenn Gronkowski went in for an interview at CBS Sports in Ft. Lauderdale,  he was expecting a relaxing interview.  Things started to get crazy when UFC Fighter Rashad Evans question his toughness and put Baby Gronk into a choke hold.

Glenn Gronkowski

Baby Gronk Has His Eyes On The Prize

As draft day quickly approaches, Glenn Gronkowski is putting the work and is ready for the next level.  “Baby Gronk” is getting some recognition as one of the top fullbacks in the draft and many teams seem to be interested.  If Baby Gronk continues to put in these “4 hour workdays”, like the one in […]

Glenn Gronkowski

One more Gronk to go: Glenn Gronkowski poised to make impact in NFL

MOBILE, Ala. – There are four years between Rob and Glenn Gronkowski. The two were just close enough in age for bruises, wounds, ridicule and, yes, an airborne fork. Glenn ? known as “Goose” by family, friends – doesn’t even remember what he did to tick Rob off. But, suddenly, Rob was chasing him through […]

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Next Gronk up: K-State’s Glenn Gronkowski out to make name for himself at Senior Bowl

MOBILE, ALA.  It seems Glenn Gronkowski can’t go anywhere without someone asking about his brother Rob. It’s already happened multiple times this week at the Senior Bowl. “You meet someone, you say the last name, and they automatically ask,” said Gronkowski, now a former Kansas State fullback. Rob Gronkowski, of course, is the four-time Pro […]

Glenn Gronkowski

Youngest Gronkowski brother, Glenn, to enter the 2016 NFL draft

Glenn Gronkowski, a Kansas State fullback and the youngest brother in the Gronk family, has decided to give up his last season of NCAA eligibility and enter the 2016 NFL draft. “I think it’s the right time,” Gronkowski told Sports Illustrated after Kansas State lost the Liberty Bowl. “Time to move on.” As a pro prospect, Glenn […]