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It’s Time to Get Gronk’ed With the Ice Shaker – Your Work Hard, Play Hard Ultimate Shaker Bottle

Every Super Bowl-winning athlete needs one ultimate accessory – and for Gronk, that’s the Ice Shaker. Launched by the big fella’s big brother, Chris Gronkowski, the Ice Shaker is the best shaker bottle on the market, but what else would you expect from the premiere family in the NFL? (And MLB, we’ve got your back, […]

Super Bowl

5 Ways the Patriots Can Beat the Falcons – and Win Super Bowl LI

You’d think after all the success the New England Patriots have enjoyed these past 17 or so years we’d just get  “used to it,” however, I find myself still floating on cloud nine. This season was so impressive in many different ways but to think that we started without Tom Brady for the first four […]

Dan and Gordie on WWHL Cropped

Gronk Fitness Takes Over Bravo’s ‘WWHL’ With Andy Cohen – And it Gets Crazy!

You’ve gotta be pretty daring to let the Gronk boys take over a bar on live TV, but Bravo was willing to take the plunge and the result was nothing less than TV gold. Oldest Gronk bros Gordie Jr. and Dan Gronkowski joined host Andy Cohen to mix drinks, throw out one-liners and basically hype […]

Gronk and Brady Cropped

Everything We Loved About the Pats Record-Breaking Annihilation of the Steelers

Oh, where do we start? By now, you’ll have read every post-game analysis, watched Brady bask in their success in the press conference and seen every single touchdown on slow motion replay – again and again and again. So let’s just start with WE’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!! Now that we’ve stopped squealing like […]

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

5 Ways the Patriots Can Beat the Steelers

Here we go. Back to the AFC Championship Game for a record sixth year in a row. While we all know last week wasn’t exactly the greatest performance we’ve ever seen from the New England Patriots, it was surely enough to dispatch the talented defense of the Houston Texans. This week, the Patriots find themselves […]

Pats v Texans

5 Ways the Patriots Will Beat the Texans (Again)

Well here we are. Everyone’s favorite time of the (New) year! PLAYOFF FOOTBALL. The New England Patriots are back in and ready to rock. Over the bye week we thought a lot about last year and the differences between teams and the most glaring advantage this year’s Patriots has is their health. Obviously it sucks […]

Nat Video

Get Hyped for the Patriots-Texans Playoff Game With Nat Anglin’s New ‘Lets Go’ Rally Video

A couple of weeks ago we shared with you Boston rapper Nat Anglin’s epic rally song “Lets Go,” which we promised would get you fired up for the NFL playoffs. Now that the Patriots’ first post season game is just a day away, what better way to get hyped than with this badass video from […]


Watch This Kid’s Christmas Joy When He Gets a Signed Gronk Jersey: ‘Oh My Banana Swirl!’

What was the best thing YOU got this Christmas? Whatever it was, we bet it didn’t make you nearly as excited as this kid was to find an autographed Gronk jersey under his family tree. “Is that signed by Gronkowski?” Bodie politely asked when he unwrapped his present. “Oh my banana swirl!!!” he screeched when […]


5 Ways the Patriots Can Beat the Jets

The Patriots have the lowly Jets at home in the waning days of the 2016 regular season. The last matchup showcased a hard fought game from both sides with the Patriots edging out New York with another game winning drive from Tom Brady. While it was barely a month ago, the Patriots have played some […]


5 Ways the Patriots Can Beat the Broncos

Back to Denver. The dreaded Mile High. Most Pats fans still have a nasty taste in their mouth after last January’s AFC Championship loss to the Denver Broncos. But all is well in New England this week after an impressive win against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night. Brady and company put up 406 against […]