Rob Gronkowski

Boston Children's Hospital Gronk Nation Thank You

Gronk’s Super Bowl Raffle Raises a Whopping $110,000 for Boston Children’s Hospital

Whatever Gronk does, he does it big! And that goes for fundraising for kids in needs, too. Rob’s Gronk Nation Youth Foundation raised a whopping $110,000 for the Boston Children’s Hospital by raffling off two VIP trips to Houston for Super Bowl LI where two lucky fans got to see the New England Patriots make […]

Glenn with the Lombardi Trophy Cropped

Patriots Are Getting Double Gronked as Glenn Gronkowski Signs New Contract in New England

We always knew Bill Belichick was smart! The Patriots are getting double Gronked by signing youngest bro Glenn Gronkowski to a futures contract Tuesday. We think everyone agrees, the more Gronks the better in all walks of life! After Glenn was ranked by ESPN as the second best fullback in his 2016 draft class and […]

Gronk Bros Super Bowl Parade

Gronk’s Super Bowl LI Photo Diary, From Pre-Game to Parade Party Rocking

Has it sunk in yet that the Patriots pulled off the comeback of the century to score the first overtime victory in Super Bowl history, and cement Tom Brady as the best quarterback to ever live — in EVERYONE’S minds? Even Bill Belichick said he had to watch the game again to really believe he […]

Gronk's Cleaners

Gronk Teaches Jeffrey Tambor How to Dress Like a Party-Rocking Bro in Tide Super Bowl Commercial

It wouldn’t be a Patriots Super Bowl without Gronk killing the competition. And while we know he’s not going to be on the field at NRG Stadium because of his back surgery, Rob is still crushing it in a new Super Bowl commercial from Tide. Running “Gronk’s Cleaners” (in a cut-off muscle shirt, of course), […]

Crashletes New Episode

Missing Pats’ Football This Sunday? Catch Gronk on an All-New Episode of Nickelodeon’s ‘Crashletes’ Instead

It’s the first Sunday without football (sorry Pro Bowl, you don’t count) since August, the Super Bowl is still a week away, so what the hell are you going to watch? Nickelodeon, of course! No — seriously, hear us out. An all-new episode of “Crashletes” is airing Sunday night, hosted by our very own kid […]

Ice Shaker Patriots Logo Cropped

Gronk Sends His Teammates the Most Gronk’d Playoff Gifts Ever

Gronk sadly won’t be playing this Sunday because of his back surgery, but he’ll be the Patriots number one fan and supporter and wanted to let his team know this. Tom Brady gives his Pats players stylish UGGs – but Rob gives them the most Gronk’d present ever to help them stay hydrated and jacked! Every member […]


Check Out Gronk and Goon’s Badass Bull Riding Experience (Video)

Going, going Gooooooon! You didn’t really think Gronk was really gonna get on a bull, did you? He’s not that crazy! But Goon … he IS that crazy, and proved it on Saturday night when he got on a wild beast in front of a sellout crowd in New York City for the Monster Energy […]


Gronk Gets Challenged by PBR Boss to Ride a Bull for 6.9 Seconds

Would you get on a wild, angry bull for $10,000? Or dare to last 8 seconds for $100,000? That was the challenged offered to Gronk on Friday by PBR CEO Sean Gleason, but don’t worry Patriots fans — Rob turned it down … and handed it off to his sidekick Goon instead. C’mon @PBRCEO you […]


Gronk Is Heading to ‘Family Guy,’ and It’s Gonna Be Epic!

Giggity, giggity, giggity – the Gronkowskis are heading to “Family Guy!” There’s a new neighbor on the block in Quahog, Rhode Island, and the animated character looks and sounds a lot like Gronk … Rob lent his voice to the cult comedy from New England native and Pats fan Seth MacFarlane in the episode that […]


Watch This Kid’s Christmas Joy When He Gets a Signed Gronk Jersey: ‘Oh My Banana Swirl!’

What was the best thing YOU got this Christmas? Whatever it was, we bet it didn’t make you nearly as excited as this kid was to find an autographed Gronk jersey under his family tree. “Is that signed by Gronkowski?” Bodie politely asked when he unwrapped his present. “Oh my banana swirl!!!” he screeched when […]