Rob Gronkowski


Gronk Gets Challenged by PBR Boss to Ride a Bull for 6.9 Seconds

Would you get on a wild, angry bull for $10,000? Or dare to last 8 seconds for $100,000? That was the challenged offered to Gronk on Friday by PBR CEO Sean Gleason, but don’t worry Patriots fans — Rob turned it down … and handed it off to his sidekick Goon instead. C’mon @PBRCEO you […]


Gronk Is Heading to ‘Family Guy,’ and It’s Gonna Be Epic!

Giggity, giggity, giggity – the Gronkowskis are heading to “Family Guy!” There’s a new neighbor on the block in Quahog, Rhode Island, and the animated character looks and sounds a lot like Gronk … Rob lent his voice to the cult comedy from New England native and Pats fan Seth MacFarlane in the episode that […]


Watch This Kid’s Christmas Joy When He Gets a Signed Gronk Jersey: ‘Oh My Banana Swirl!’

What was the best thing YOU got this Christmas? Whatever it was, we bet it didn’t make you nearly as excited as this kid was to find an autographed Gronk jersey under his family tree. “Is that signed by Gronkowski?” Bodie politely asked when he unwrapped his present. “Oh my banana swirl!!!” he screeched when […]


It’s Almost Time for a Very Merry Gronkin’ Christmas …

There’s just two more days until Christmas Eve and you KNOW what that means … No, we don’t mean Santa creeping up with his reindeer in the middle of the night– this is far more magical. Four lucky Pats fans will get to go for brunch with Gronk and enjoy a VIP trip to the […]


Hop On Board the New Generation Gronk Party Bus, the Most Hyped Vehicle on the Road

Move over Santa, the new Gronk Bus is here and it’s gonna blow your sleigh out of the sky. Many moons ago in a galaxy far, far away one man had a dream of owning his own bus that he and his bros could party on worry-free. After buying a vehicle from a church in […]


Spend Christmas Eve With Santa Gronk and His Hyped Elves by Entering the Gronk Nation Raffle

It’s gonna be a Merry Gronkin’ Christmas in New England this year. Gamble for a great cause and you could find yourself sat next to Gronk this Christmas Eve. Now, even Santa can’t promise to bring you anything that cool in your stocking! The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation has teamed up with Matt Light to […]


Gronk Fitness Set to Open First ‘Gronk Zone’ in Boston Sports Club

Are you ready to get Gronked, Boston? Well, you’d better be as the Gronkowski brothers are bringing Gronk Fitness to Beantown, and it is about to get hyped. Gronk Fitness has teamed up with Boston Sports Clubs to create specialized Gronk Zones in gyms across Massachusetts so that you can start off the new year […]


Watch Gronk Wield a Gun in Trailer for Death Penalty Thriller ‘American Violence’ (Video)

We all know Gronk has some serious guns, but have you ever seen him wield a real firearm? The NFL’s best tight end packs some serious firepower in the first trailer for his upcoming action film, “American Violence,” posted on Yahoo! Movies this week. Rob getting into a violent shoot out during a scene in […]


Gronk Is Nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award

Gronk may be not currently on the field but that hasn’t stopped him from still getting heaped with honors. The best tight end in the league is among the nominees for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, the NFL announced on Wednesday. In memory of the late Chicago Bears running back, the award […]


Gronk Rocks a Hospital Robe and Walker: ‘Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down!’

Do these hospital robes come in Zubaz stripes? Nothing can keep Gronk down for long, not even back surgery! Recuperating from the injury suffered in the big hit from Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas on Nov. 13, Gronk was back on his feet Friday night and sending a sprightly message to fans. “Rehab day 1! […]