Check Out Gronk and Goon’s Badass Bull Riding Experience (Video) Rob Gronkowski - January 9, 2017


Going, going Gooooooon!

You didn’t really think Gronk was really gonna get on a bull, did you? He’s not that crazy!

But Goon … he IS that crazy, and proved it on Saturday night when he got on a wild beast in front of a sellout crowd in New York City for the Monster Energy Buck Off at The Garden.


What does Goon know about bull riding, you might ask. Nothing. It turns out there aren’t many cowboys in Rhode Island, where he grew up.

What Rob Goon lacked in experience he made up for in guts – and had a kickass cheerleading squad in the form of Gronk and little brother Glenn.

Decked out in Monster Energy gear, Gronk couldn’t have been more excited as he gave Goon tips from the sideline. “Just put everything you’ve got into and hold on tight,” he told the cowboy hat-clad commentator.

“He’s not nervous at all, this is Bobby Goons, this is a 300-plus pounder … on a bull,” Rob added.

As you can see in the video above, when the chute gate opened the bull stormed out, put in a solid buck – and down goes Goon, hitting the dirt hard!

He got up seemingly unhurt, but Gronk couldn’t hold back his shock.

Unfortunately Goon didn’t beat Chad Ochocinco’s time of 1.5 seconds, only clocking up 1 second on the clock.


There’s no do-overs in bull riding, and even Gronk starting a chant for one more try, “do it again?” he begged.

The answer was a strict absolutely not – and we don’t think Goon was disputing that decision.

Stay tuned to find out if the big fell can still walk.

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