Gronk Fitness Takes Over Bravo’s ‘WWHL’ With Andy Cohen – And it Gets Crazy! Dan Gronkowski, News - January 26, 2017

Dan and Gordie on WWHL Cropped

You’ve gotta be pretty daring to let the Gronk boys take over a bar on live TV, but Bravo was willing to take the plunge and the result was nothing less than TV gold.

Oldest Gronk bros Gordie Jr. and Dan Gronkowski joined host Andy Cohen to mix drinks, throw out one-liners and basically hype up the late-night talk show “WWHL.”

The Gronks basically stole the show from guests Jerry O’Connell and Jax Taylor, adding a level of energy never before seen on Cohen’s “Bravo Clubhouse” set in New York City’s West Village.

“Stand by Me” and “Scream Queens” actor O’Connell got to rip into “Vanderpump Rules” reality star Taylor in a brutal roast-style takedown. At one point Jerry told the brothers, “Don’t ever loan Jax one of your Gronk Fitness tee-shirts. He’ll leak all over it!” referring to his man boobs, errr. GROSS.

While Jax got interrogated over his relationship with fellow Bravo TV personality Brittanny, Cohen seemed just as interested in whether there was a single Gronk brother in the house. “I forgot to ask the most important question – are you single or dating?”

“I’ve got the kids,” Dan said, “The new Gronk generation.”

Gordie wisely deflects the question by asking Andy if he can put them in order age wise.

Andy put a lot of thought into this – “I think it is actually a trick because he has kids, but you’re older. I think Rob is right in the middle, then Charlie is after him and Tony is the youngest.”

Well, you almost ot there A.C., and made up a few Gronk bros in the process. (Obviously the answer is Gordie, Dan, Chris, Rob and Glenn).

“What a litter!” O’Connell threw in.

Later, Jax is given grief over a very uncomfortable scene on “Vanderpump Rules” where he had to meet his girlfriend’s mom and was grilled about ex-girlfriends.

“What you do it tell them the other bad stuff you did so you get off the topic of the the women,” Dan throws in.

“The Gronk brothers know!” Andy said. Oh, yes they do. Bravo, these boys need their own reality show!

WWHL Gronk Flex

Jerry, Jax and Andy clearly loved the signature Gronk Fitness tees as they all worn them after the show and tried to flex their guns (don’t give up the lifting yet, guys). If you want to get your own shirt, click here and use the code “Apparel” for 25 percent off. Yes, you too can dress like Andy Cohen!

Gronk Boys and Andy Cohen WWHL