Gronk Learns About the ‘Other Football’ From FC Barcelona Star Lionel Messi Rob Gronkowski - March 3, 2017

Gronk and Lionel Messi Cropped

What happens when one football legend meets another? They have a blast and become bros, of course!

It doesn’t matter that one is massive NFL star and the other is one of the biggest names in international football (they do NOT call it soccer over there!), it still marked a melding of sports talent and a bunch of mutual respect.

Gronk is making the most of his time this off-season with a trip to Spain — and while most tourists dream of just going to a F.C. Barcelona match — Rob, Glenn Gronkowski and their crew ended up on the pitch having a kick-around with legendary player Lionel Messi.

They also got a private tour of Blaugrana training ground, watched the match (Barca beat Sporting Gijon 6-1) and got signed jerseys. Yep, that’s how you live like a baller!

Gronk bumped into Uruguay’s World Cup star Luis Suarez and teammate Rafinha in the parking lot, and they were just as excited to see him as he was to see them.

Gronk with Barcelona Jersey

“The team was so happy as they’ve not had an American NFL player come visit them on the level Rob did,” one of his buddies told Gronk Nation.

Gronk admitted that he’d never actually been to a match before. “I’ve always been a fan of the soccer leagues but I’ve never been to a game or anything,” he said.

“I’m a huge fan now. I’ve never been to Barcelona or Europe so I’m definitely a huge fan now and I’m always going to follow it for sure.

“A lot of teams in Europe come over and play at our stadium [in pre-season]. I never went to a game, which is crazy, but I’ve got to start going to them. I’m glad I experienced my first game here in Barcelona,” he said.

As for the stadium, our big fella thought it was “amazing … 100,000 people right on top of the field, I’ve never seen anything like that before. My first soccer game ever, I’m super impressed, I came with my boys, so it was cool.

The Pats tight end said some of his teammates like to play soccer in the Gillette Stadium locker room, “they love it and it’s great for the foot-work dribbling the ball.”

Messi (who’s not only the biggest name at Barca but also the captain of the Argentinian national team) was dwarfed when he stood next to Gronk, but we’ve gotta admit, they make a pretty good combo — it’s like Edelman 2.0.

Check out the video from Gronk’s footie trip and some of the Gronk crew’s vacation pics below.


Gronk Crew Barcelona Match


Gronk at Barcelona FC

Gronk and Lionel Messi

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