Gronk Sends His Teammates the Most Gronk’d Playoff Gifts Ever Rob Gronkowski - January 20, 2017

Ice Shaker Patriots Logo Cropped

Gronk sadly won’t be playing this Sunday because of his back surgery, but he’ll be the Patriots number one fan and supporter and wanted to let his team know this.

Tom Brady gives his Pats players stylish UGGs – but Rob gives them the most Gronk’d present ever to help them stay hydrated and jacked!

Every member of the team received an Ice Shaker™ – the ultimate water bottle and shaker in one, and an essential workout tool for any athlete whatever their level.

Ice Shaker Patriots Logo

The Pats players’ Ice Shakers are exclusively engraved with “Do Your Job #QuestFor5” and a note reminding them not to take their foot off the gas pedals with just two weeks left until Super Bowl LI in Houston.

“Congratulations on an outstanding season but let’s not stop here. Keep your eye on the prize and let’s finish the season with number 5. “ – Ice Shaker and Rob Gronkowski.

Now they’re words to live by!


So “what is an Ice Shaker,” you may ask? Developed by “the most jacked” Gronkowski bro, Chris, it is the answer to all your gym needs and lets you kiss goodbye to smelly plastic bottles.

The Ice Shaker’s double wall vacuum insulated bottle holds ice for over 30 hours in a 75-degree room, and allows you to perfectly mix in protein powder by throwing in a few ice cubes. Yep, no more annoying metal mixing balls.

The sturdy leak proof BPA-free top keeps your shake secure, but pops open easily to drink.

Even if you make a smoothie hours before you plan to drink it, that bad boy will stay cold and fresh in the non-odor absorbing 18/8 stainless steel bottle.

The beauty of the Gronks is that they combine work with play, so the Ice Shaker is just as good at keeping cocktails cold! It can be used at the pool, hiking, camping and even tailgating.

Ice Shaker Details

The streamlined shape not only looks slick but it easily fits into cup holders at the gym or in a car, so you can knock back all your essential ingredients while driving to get your grind on.

Click here and order for yourself – and all your gym and party crews — for just $25 each.

Welcome to the world of the Ice Shaker, officially Gronk approved.

Check out the video below and see how you can get as jacked as Chris!