Gronk’s Super Bowl LI Photo Diary, From Pre-Game to Parade Party Rocking Rob Gronkowski - February 10, 2017

Gronk Bros Super Bowl Parade

Has it sunk in yet that the Patriots pulled off the comeback of the century to score the first overtime victory in Super Bowl history, and cement Tom Brady as the best quarterback to ever live — in EVERYONE’S minds?

Even Bill Belichick said he had to watch the game again to really believe he hadn’t dreamed that the Pats came back from a 28-3 deficit.

By now, you’ve hopefully gotten your voice back, found all the belongings you flung across the bar/living room/stadium, caught up on sleep and possibly even sobered up.


All the emotions you felt as a fan were 10-fold for the actual players, especially for Gronk as he cheered his teammates on from the sidelines.

While Rob obviously didn’t play following his back surgery, he was an integral part of the team throughout the season, Super Bowl week, during the game, and most notably, during the days and nights of celebrations since.

In case you missed any of it, here’s Gronk’s photo diary from the epic and never-ending experience that was Super Bowl LI.

Rob’s week started not in Houston, but in San Francisco with Dwayne Johnson filming “the Rock and Gronk Show” — an explosive trailer that not only celebrated the Pats’ victory but also pimped out the upcoming “Baywatch” remake, which hits theaters on May 26.

In the highly-energetic clip, Gronk ends up putting Zac Efron’s stars and stripes Speedos on his head before realizing that’s where “his balls go.” Er duh … and gross.

It wasn’t all fun, games and raging with The Rock though. After joining Brady, Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, White and the rest of the Pats crew at the team hotel in Houston, Gronk took part in a T.D. Ameritrade Green Room conversation on Radio Row.

He got to reveal how he learned a second language (the Pats’ playbook, not Spanish — we’re still working on that), talk about his rookie year, introduce his mom, Diane, to the audience, and even offer up some financial advice to fans.

Patriots Team Photo

Rob was at final practice Saturday and the team photo, where he got to sit underneath little bro Glenn — spot them above right  — this is definitely one for the family album.

And then we finally get to a date that will go down in New England history … On Feb. 5, 2017, Gronk was a strong presence on the sidelines throughout all four quarters and overtime of Super Bowl LI until White hammered the final nail into the Falcons’ dreams  — and the NRG Stadium exploded in red, white and blue confetti.

As everyone ever associated with the Pats (and others who could simply afford to be there) rushed the field, Gronk was the first one out  hugging and congratulating his buddy and QB, Brady.

My brother @glenn_gronkowski and I super bowl champs together!!

A photo posted by Rob Gronkowski (@gronk) on

Even better, Rob got to enjoy earning his second Super Bowl ring in two years with little brother Glenn, who’s on the Pats practice squad.

Best ever no questions asked! # 2 for me and # 5 for that guy!!

A photo posted by Rob Gronkowski (@gronk) on

What’s better than one Gronk on the field after a Patriots Super Bowl victory? Yep, two.


A photo posted by Glenn Gronkowski (@glenn_gronkowski) on

Champs!! #GronkBro’s #Gronkfitness #patriotsnation #parade

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Two became three by the time the Patriots parade hit the streets of Boston when Gordie Jr. joined Rob and Glenn to really amp up the party.

Gronk took the mic with Belichick and Brady, telling the thousands gathered at City Hall: “You wanna know something? When we get six, your boy right here’s gonna be part of six, baby! Let’s go!”

“I wasn’t even planning on partying, but the fans wanted it, and I’m giving the fans what they wanted. So I partied for the fans,” he said afterwards. You can’t argue with that logic.

Gronk Shirtless Parade

Who cares that it was only 30 degrees and rain and sleet in Boston (and everyone else was in hoodies and bobble hats), Gronk still ripped his shirt off and chugged beers two at a time.

Next up, another celebration rally celebration in Providence at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, where instead of spiking the Lombardi trophies, Gronk merely tried to hold them at the same time and nearly dropped them all … oops. Hell, it’s not his fault the Pats have so much damn hard wear.

Patriots Post Parade Celebration


What does every good parade need? A kick-ass, hyped up, pumped as hell celebration party — and who better than Gronk, Rick Ross, DJ Dante the Don and Vinny Vibe to host it?

Rob, Dante and Glenn Post-Parade

It all went down at Shrine at Foxwoods in Connecticut, with Gronk and the boys spraying about 45 bottles of champagne (including giant bottles of Luc Belaire) over the dance floor, even soaking the equipment.

Number 87 danced on stage in a sea of confetti, and party rocked all night to Ross, who tore the house up when he rapped “ballin’, ballin’, like I play for New England,” from “Pop That.”

Gronk and Rick Ross

So what now that everyone is officially on vacation? Well as Belichick says “No days off” — so it’s back to the grind for Gronk and the boys.

But first this …

Gronk, Dante and Vinny Vibe


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