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If there’s one person who knows about getting revenge on those who wronged him, then it’s Jason Bourne.

And the CIA assassin had a lot to say this week about Tom Brady’s return to power after his suspension for the Deflategate debacle.

OK … so technically it was Matt Damon, the actor who plays Bourne and who also happens to be a diehard Boston-born Patriots fan who said it, but we still take his word as gospel.

Damon was subtly drawn into discussing Deflategate when he appeared on DirecTV’s “The Rich Eisen Show” to promote the fifth installment of the thriller franchise, “Jason Bourne,” which hits theaters Friday.

“It’s been nine years since Jason Bourne disappeared and refused to give up his cellphone to the CIA after he was part of an international ball deflation scheme,” host Eisen said, hamming up the dram in his interview opener.

“It’s timely — ripped straight from the headlines,” Damon said, laughing about the fake plot, before diving into his thoughts on the real-life debacle.

“By the way. Would you give your cellphone to Roger Goodell?!? Every single piece of business in your life … Forget about it! It is just going to be passed out to the media. I don’t blame him [Tom] at all,” he said of the NFL’s demands following the Wells Report.

Damon then compared the lack of evidence that got Peyton Manning cleared in the PED investigation this to the lack of evidence in the Deflategate case, “but then he has to sit out four games,” he marveled.

Self-proclaimed “Michigan guy” and Brady fan Eisen then asked Damon how pissed Brady’s suspension made him – on a level of “not much” to “Ben Affleck F-bomb rant” furious.

“I actually look at the other way,” Damon said diplomatically, “Tom’s gonna be pissed — and Tom pissed is a good thing for the New England Patriots faithful, we love seeing him like that. Because he’s as focused a human being as I’ve met anyway … This could be a good season for us,” he predicted.

“He’s allowed to be rusty when he comes back … I bet he wants Roger Goodell to hand him the trophy at the end of the year. It’ll be sweeter if he sits the games out and then does it.

As for Jimmy Garoppolo’s record when he takes the reins, “If we go 0-4, I’m still not gonna sweat it,” he said, but he’ll feel better if its at least 2-2.

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Damon couldn’t leave without commenting on Affleck’s Oscar-worthy performance on Bill Simmons’ new HBO show “Any Given Wednesday” a few weeks ago, when he used every swear word in existence to describe his angst over the four-week ban.

“He got a little animated — Boston fans, we’re a little crazy and we take these things seriously,” he laughed about his best friend.

“If you’re not from New England, then you’re rooting against the Patriots, and you can feel that.”

“The Rich Eisen Show” airs at noon ET/9 a.m. PT weekdays on DirecTV’s Audience Now network, “Jason Bourne” hits theaters Friday, and the Patriots invade Arizona against the Cardinals for the Sunday night opening game on Sept. 11.

Watch the video below for a teaser of all three.

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