5 Ways the Patriots Can Beat the Cincinnati Bengals

October 16, 2016, by Gronk Nation in News

Well we did it. We made it four weeks back to Brady and he went off exactly as we figured he would. The Cleveland Browns game was well executed for the most part although we can all agree we left some points on the board. The defense struggled a bit to start the game against […]


Gronk Dubbed NFL’s ‘Hardest Player to Cover’ by Broncos CB Chris Harris Jr

October 14, 2016, by Gronk Nation in Rob Gronkowski

The Denver Broncos had their hands full with the surprisingly efficient San Diego Chargers offense on Thursday night, ultimately losing 21-13. But when cornerback Chris Harris Jr. was asked earlier in the week who was the hardest receiver in the league to cover, he had  one guy on his mind – Rob Gronkowski. “He’s technically […]


Gronk Invents the Word ‘Ampness’ for Brady’s Return, Check Out the Full Gronknation Dictionary Here

October 13, 2016, by Gronk Nation in Rob Gronkowski

When you are the best tight end in history, you get to make up words. Gronk makes the most of that right, and hell, even makes up his own vocabulary. After the Patriots’ thrashing of the Browns on Sunday, Rob revealed that the whole team was fired up to the max. “Everyone was amped up. […]


Gronk Gives Dunkin’ Donuts Singer Partner Big Papi the Most Gronk’ed Farewell Ever

October 11, 2016, by Gronk Nation in Rob Gronkowski

Gronk and Big Papi go together like peanut butter and jelly, or Oreos and milk. Their summer hit “Dunkin’ Paradise” will go down in music history as one of the feel good songs of the year, and is definitely deserving of a Grammy. So it’s no surprise that Rob had a heartfelt farewell for David […]


Gronk, Edelman and the Pats Visit the Jim Brown Statue With Bill Belichick

October 11, 2016, by Gronk Nation in News

Sunday was a long, emotional day for the Patriots with the return of Tom Brady and a victorious 33-13 win over the Cleveland Browns. But instead of jetting off back to New England after the circus of press interviews, the team took a time out to honor  NFL great Jim Brown. As the team exited […]

AP Photo/David Richard

The Patriots and Their Fans Make a Strong Statement In Cleveland to Beat the Browns

October 10, 2016, by Gronk Nation in News

As we said Browns, we’re sorry – it wasn’t your fault, but someone had to pay. The Patriots stormed into Cleveland on Sunday and delivered a 33-13 thrashing of the Browns that left them whimpering back to the Dawg Pound with their tails between their legs. After endless talk on the pre-game shows about whether […]