6 Ways the Patriots Will Beat the Browns, as New England Fans Take Over Cleveland

October 8, 2016, by Gronk Nation in News

You’ve almost gotta feel sorry for the Cleveland Browns. They weren’t behind Deflategate, they didn’t suspend Tom Brady, they didn’t put the Patriots through 20 months of turmoil. Hell, they’ve not even won a game yet this season. But they will be the focus of Brady’s wrath in his return after four weeks off, and […]


Glenn Gronkowski Gets Number 47 on Patriots Practice Squad

October 6, 2016, by Gronk Nation in Glenn Gronkowski

There’s a new number 47 in Foxboro, and he has a very familiar last name. Having played #48 at Kansas St., Glenn Gronkowski has been given #47 on the Patriots practice squad. Goose was signed to by the Pats on Oct. 1, and the Gronkowski family couldn’t be happier to have him with big brother […]


Find Out Why Gronk ‘Can’t Even Go to the Grocery Store Without Getting Yelled at’ (Video)

October 6, 2016, by Gronk Nation in Rob Gronkowski

Some people just can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy – especially when it comes to football. Gronk revealed on Wednesday that he recently got an earful from a woman in a grocery store for screwing up her fantasy football season so far as he recovers from his hamstring injury. “I can’t even go […]

Elsa/Getty Images

Gronk Is So Pumped That ‘Tom Brady Is Back at Quarterback, Baby!’

October 6, 2016, by Gronk Nation in Rob Gronkowski

Who’s ready for the Hype Train to pull into Cleveland this weekend? Gronk is for sure, announcing to the world Wednesday: “Tom’s back at quarterback, baby!” Well, we all knew that — but it sounds s o much better when Rob says it. “It’s always exciting. He’s our leader of our offense,” Gronk told reporters […]

Boston Globe

Big Papi and the Red Sox Party Rock Like Gronk Into the MLB Post Season

October 5, 2016, by Gronk Nation in News

Have Gronk’s party-rocking skills rubbed off on Big Papi? Rob’s Dunkin’ Donuts singing partner has been kicking ass at his day job as the Red Sox head to the MLB post season after clinching the AL East title and celebrating in true Gronkowski style. After blowing up the locker room in a post game celebration […]


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Bicker Over Who’s Brady’s BFF

October 4, 2016, by Gronk Nation in News

Tom Brady would like to set the record straight — Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (listed in no particular order) do not pay him to be their friend. But we’re sure they would if he’d let them. The besotted Bostonian movie stars have released a video that was meant to promote their new charity collaboration […]