Spike Your Workout Goals With the Newly-Relaunched Gronk Fitness Products Chris Gronkowski, Dan Gronkowski, Glenn Gronkowski, Rob Gronkowski - August 16, 2016

Rob Gronk Fitness Cropped

Do you want to hit the gym like a Gronkowski and learn how to spike your workout goals like the fittest family in football?

Now is your chance with the newly relaunched, redesigned and rehyped Gronk Fitness Products company.

With four boys having made it to the ultimate platform in sports in the NFL, another having played professional baseball and a dad who played football for Syracuse and has run G&G Fitness Company since 1990 – the Gronkowskis know a thing or two about staying in shape and committing to the daily gym grind.

Rob, Dan, Chris, Gordie Jr., Glenn and Gordy Sr. (a.k.a. Papa Gronk) have perfected the formula both in and out of the weight room to excel mentally and physically.

Family Gronk Fitness

“I stand behind Gronk Fitness because fitness has opened so many doors for me,” Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski said. “I love being in shape and feeling confident. The boost I get from working out is the best!

“I was fortunate to start working out in eighth grade and had the equipment to do it because my dad owned fitness retail stores, so fitness really is my backbone.”

Now heading into his seventh season with the New England Patriots with a Super Bowl ring under his belt and the reputation of being one of the most dominant players in the NFL, Gronk says “I would not be in the situation I am in if I didn’t push myself off the field in the weight room.

“It takes no talent to work out — it just takes being mentally tough to push yourself to get the most out of your body.”

Gronk Fitness Ladder

The new Gronk Fitness Products website launched this week and it allows you to learn from the bros’ expertise and training knowledge so you can get the absolute maximum out of your own workouts.

Incorporating equipment that all the Gronkowskis have used during their professional careers and moves that have helped Rob rewrite the Tight End position to cement his spot in NFL history, Gronk Fitness is focusing on the commercial gym market to allow people to grind it out like a Gronk.

“Excelling in the NFL is all about getting your mind right in terms of fitness,” founding partner, former Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns TE and big bro Dan Gronkowski explained. “Focusing on the field that make you better when you play.”

Gronk Zone Gronk Fitness

There will now be dedicated Gronk Fitness Zones (like the one pictured above) in partner gyms, where members know they can get Gronk-approved workouts on their equipment, which includes plyo boxes, weight-lifting chains, barbells, power racks, pull up bars, battle ropes and agility ladders.

All the strength and functional equipment boasts the signature Gronk Spike logo, so it’s easy to spot wherever you are working up a kick-ass sweat.

“We are trying to make our brand come out through our products. When you see Gronk Fitness equipment you know you have to ‘get your mind right’ and get focused as it’s all stuff we use,” Dan said. “This is equipment we’ve developed over 25 years across 14 stores and decided it was time to create our own accessory line.”

Gyms and fitness centers can sign up for a commercial account here to streamline the outfitting process and request wholesale equipment forms.

Along with following videos on the website’s blog – such as Chris crushing plyo box exercises with explosive one-legged jumps (yeah, we can all do that, right?) or Rob’s beast of a rowing workout – select locations will also host group classes where you can do a Gronk circuit session with elite trainers

Do you dare to workout like a Gronk? If so, check out the website here to read the Gronk family story, blogs to educate on nutrition and training, product info, apparel, and get details on Gronk Zones.

Watch the training video below where the bros get jacked in their workout with Trainer Rob, plus like the Facebook page to really get hyped about getting fit like a Gronk!

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