Rob marathon

Time to Get Hyped for the Gronk Nation Marathon Team!

It’s the biggest weekend of the year in Boston (aside from the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, again) with the 121st Boston Marathon on Monday. There’s a reason why it is called Patriots’ Day as the city unites, kicks back and cheers on both the runners, so what better reason for a holiday??? Plus you’ve […]


Gronk Fitness Set to Open First ‘Gronk Zone’ in Boston Sports Club

Are you ready to get Gronked, Boston? Well, you’d better be as the Gronkowski brothers are bringing Gronk Fitness to Beantown, and it is about to get hyped. Gronk Fitness has teamed up with Boston Sports Clubs to create specialized Gronk Zones in gyms across Massachusetts so that you can start off the new year […]

Rob Gronk Fitness Cropped

Spike Your Workout Goals With the Newly-Relaunched Gronk Fitness Products

Do you want to hit the gym like a Gronkowski and learn how to spike your workout goals like the fittest family in football? Now is your chance with the newly relaunched, redesigned and rehyped Gronk Fitness Products company. With four boys having made it to the ultimate platform in sports in the NFL, another […]

Gronk Six Star

Get the ‘Summer of Gronk Workout’ for Free From Six Star

Do you wanna get in shape like Gronk and follow his off-season training regimen? OK, so we can’t guarantee you’ll get exactly the same physical results as our favorite 6-foot-6, 265-pound powerhouse, but you can now follow his summer workout plan for free thanks to the generous folks over at Six Star Pro Nutrition. They’ve […]