Rob and Matt Light

How You Can Get a Ride on the Gronk Bus to the Red Sox Game on Patriots’ Day (Video)

Nothing epitomizes the spirit of Boston than marathon weekend and the traditional Red Sox game on Patriots’ Day. So how about spending the biggest holiday in Beantown with your favorite Pats player, and getting a ride to Fenway on the Gronk Bus, no less? Yep, Gronk is giving away the ultimate fan experience with a […]


Gronk Gives Dunkin’ Donuts Singer Partner Big Papi the Most Gronk’ed Farewell Ever

Gronk and Big Papi go together like peanut butter and jelly, or Oreos and milk. Their summer hit “Dunkin’ Paradise” will go down in music history as one of the feel good songs of the year, and is definitely deserving of a Grammy. So it’s no surprise that Rob had a heartfelt farewell for David […]

Boston Globe

Big Papi and the Red Sox Party Rock Like Gronk Into the MLB Post Season

Have Gronk’s party-rocking skills rubbed off on Big Papi? Rob’s Dunkin’ Donuts singing partner has been kicking ass at his day job as the Red Sox head to the MLB post season after clinching the AL East title and celebrating in true Gronkowski style. After blowing up the locker room in a post game celebration […]

air guitar

A Week In the Life of Gronk, From Dancing With Ciara to Party Rocking With Paul McCartney

What did you do over the last week? Go to the office, hit the beach, play Pokemon, hang out with your buddies, maybe count down the days until football season? No matter how awesome your past week was, we bet it didn’t include having a dance off with Ciara, playing air guitar with Paul McCartney […]