Gronk and Spicer

The White House Gets Double-Gronked as the Pats Visit the President

Some pretty important things happen at the White House, but none more so than the Patriots coming to visit (again!) and the capital got twice as many Gronkowskis this year when both Rob and Glenn were in attendance. Of course, Gronk literally interrupted governmental procedures when he gatecrashed Sean Spicer’s press conference asking: “You need […]

Gronkowski responds to Obama's quip that he keep his shirt on, as Obama plays host to the reigning NFL Super Bowl champion Patriots on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington

Patriots honored by President Obama, who jokes about ‘Deflategate’

WASHINGTON — The New England Patriots were honored by Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday afternoon, with the president calling them “as good an organization as there is in professional sports.” Obama’s remarks, which lasted about nine minutes on the South Lawn, included plenty of humor, such as Deflategate jabs. He said that he usually […]