WrestleMania 33

Watch WrestleMania Get Gronk Spiked as Mojo Rawley Takes Andre the Giant Battle Royal Title

Word of warning: Never take Gronk’s beer and throw it in his face. We can not guarantee your health and safety if you do. That was the tough lesson WWE wrestler Jinder Mahal learned during the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Sunday night in Orlando, Florida, while he was getting his ass kicked […]

NFL to WWE Cropped Tighter

Are You Ready for a Champion Tag Team? NFL Fans Vote for Gronk to Join the WWE

Are you ready to see Gronk jump into the wrestling ring? It turns out that the majority of ESPN.com readers are, as Rob Gronkowski is currently the frontrunner in their poll that asks: “Which current NFL player would you have the most success in the WWE?” Gronk’s rivals for the ring are Von Miller, JJ […]