Annual Patriots-Bills Game Is a Family Affair for the Gronkowskis

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The Patriots had their annual trip to Buffalo on Sunday, and the homecoming for Gronk meant that his family and old friends were out in full force.

Bills Mafia?!? Ha, those fools have nothing on Gronk Nation!

Despite the game getting off to a slow start, the Patriots easily took care of business with a 23-3 whipping of the Bills, largely in part to an aggressive rushing attack that meant New England never trailed at New Era Stadium.

And while Bills fans are definitely ruthless, we spotted a LOT of No. 87 jerseys in the crowd.

Rob got to hang out with his dad, Gordy (aka Papa Gronk) and big bros, Gordie, Dan and Chris – and of course they were all decked out in Gronk Nation shirts! 

While we can’t guarantee you’ll look as good as this gang in them – you can buy the exact same shirts here.


Down at the stadium, Dan ran the tailgate crew with his new generation of Gronk-sters decked out in zubaz, while Papa G. and Chris held down the fort in the luxury box.

As for the Bills? They were no problem for Tom Brady and co. TB12 went 21-30 for 258 yards, while Gronk got an impressive nine receptions and 147 yards. Dion Lewis boasted 92 yards, and Rex Burkhead hammered home two touchdowns. 

Brady now has more wins in Buffalo than any other quarterback – and that includes any Bills QB. Wow, now that’s embarrassing … 

He also set the record for most wins by a starting quarterback against a single opponent with his 27th victory over the Bills, breaking the record previously set by Brett Favre over the Lions.

Of course, no trip to the Buffalo area is complete for Gronk without dropping into a few local haunts. The big fella brushes off the usual “tourist” traps (does Buffalo even get tourists???) in favor of his old favorite spot. 

When asked if he goes to the famous Anchor Bar or Duffs for wings, Rob told ““That’s like the touristy spots, Duffs and Anchor Bar.

“I’ve been to Anchor Bar before. I swear I’ve never been to Duffs, but I hear about it every day. I drive by it every day. I’ve just never been there. I don’t know why, but I’ve got to definitely try it out one time, or many times, in the future.”

So where does he goes? “I usually go to Amherst Ale House,” he said. “That’s right down the street from where I grew up.”

“You can go anywhere” in Buffalo for wings, the ‘key’ is good blue cheese for dipping. Buffalo blue cheese, Rootie’s blue cheese – you’ve got to have that or else you don’t have wings,” he added.

You can bet the Pats coaching staff are still recovering from their weekend in Buffalo too. According to Rob, they like to order at least 100 wings game weekend. “They don’t share either,” he said, and while he's strict until kickoff,  "after the game, I dip in all the blue cheese. Rootie’s blue cheese -- you’ve got to try it."

And before you ask -- yes, someone did throw a dildo on the field, AGAIN. Lets hope this doesn't become an annual tradition.





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