Are You Strong Enough to Take on the Gronk Bros’ Stadium Blitz Challenge?

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For all the fans still basking in the glow of seeing Rob Gronkowski back on the field at Gillette Stadium on Sunday night throwing a Gronk Spike as the Patriots hoisted yet another Super Bowl banner, we’ve got good news for you.

NOOOOOOOO, Gronk isn’t coming out of retirement already, but he is bringing his signature grind to football stadiums around the country with the launch of new obstacle course race series, Stadium Blitz.

The five Gronkowski bros – Gordie, Jr., Dan, Chris, Rob and Glenn – are bringing the grueling drills and extreme athletic challenges that they perfected in the NFL and MLB to the public with obstacles that test your speed, endurance, strength and agility to the max.

Stadium Blitz goes way beyond watching a game from the bleachers or even standing on the sidelines, it takes you out onto the field to literally reenact the physical feats that pro football players perform every Sunday (albeit with less risk of being tackled by a 300-pound linebacker!)

Every obstacle has been personally tested by a Gronk brother – and a handful of longtime friends crazy enough to join them – so you know this is not your run-of-the-mill obstacle course race.

“Our family breathes the camaraderie of team sports and Stadium Blitz is the perfect way for us to stay involved in fitness and inspire others to compete in a way to have fun and test every limit,” big bro Dan Gronkowski, who played TE for the Lions, Broncos, Browns and Patriots, said about launching the series. “For the first time, families can spend an evening competing and cheering along with their kids and friends - everyone gets the feeling of accomplishment.”

Participants will be tested to their limits with a series of challenges, such as bear crawling up stadium steps, leaping over hurdle walls, navigating 20-foot agility nets, swinging from rings, weaving through poles, and drilling a football at five targets. Racers are awarded 2000 points for crossing the finish line in under 40 minutes, plus every second under 40 minutes earns extra points.

But just like with everything that the Gronks do – everyone is welcome to join in the fun! Stadium Blitz is open to all ages and athletic abilities. Men, women and children as young as seven (as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the race) can compete … hell, even bring your dog if you like!

The obstacles are broken down into three classes: Race (for those of all athletic abilities); Hustle (for intermediate level); and Blitz (for elite athletes).

Stadium Blitz kicks off on Oct. 12 at New Era Field in Buffalo, New York - home of the Buffalo Bills and the city where Gronk grew up. It will then head south to the Buccaneers’ Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida, on Oct. 26, with more cities to be announced soon.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Gronk event if there wasn’t a party afterwards. The Rec Room on West Chippewa Street in Buffalo is hosting the official post-party following the first Buffalo Stadium Blitz, while American Social is doing the honors in Tampa. 

Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to be able to party like a Gronk star to attend – very few brave souls take on that on and survive unscathed!

Click here to sign up for the Buffalo or Tampa races, and watch this space to find out more about the series moving forward.

Are you up for the challenge of taking on the Stadium Blitz? C’mon, we dare ya!

Stadium Blitz is an off-shoot of Complex Sports & Entertainment, and is proud to partner with Gronk Fitness, Ice Shaker, and Rock Em socks.


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