Brady Gets the Greatest Birthday Cake of All Time - and a 'Secret' Present From Gronk

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What do you give the man who has everything – including five Super Bowl rings – for his 41st birthday? 

How about a 1,200-pound red, white and blue cake made with “2,000 eggs, 250 lbs. of sugar, 100 lbs. of milk, 41 years of greatness,” according to the Patriots official Instagram.

And yeah, yeah, we’re sure Tom Brady didn’t actually nose-dive off his diet to divulge in the sweet goodness, but like so many things he does, it delighted the Pats fans gathered at Gillette Stadium on Friday.  

The 12-foot by 12-foot vanilla and red velvet cake featured a six-inch-high number 12, and was made of 90 sheet cakes topped with 300 pounds of buttercream. 

The culinary marvel was paid for by the Patriots and created by the of G.O.A.T. of bakers, George Montilio, and his team at  Montilio’s Baking Company in Brockton, Massachusetts, according to the Boston Globe. With enough sugary and fondant goodness to feed 8,000 people, the cake was made in five different sections and pieced together on Friday at 6.30 a.m. to commemorate the birth of Brady. 


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And there was also a giant birthday for everyone to sign … and a “Balloon Brady.” 

One person who we know loves cake and birthdays is Gronk – and he sat down with Pats legend Tedy Bruschi for a “SportsCenter” segment this week to dish the dirt on his QB – and comment on how he’s not as “mean” in his old age.

"Probably back in the day, he was probably a little more on you if you didn't get it right, a little bit more in your face. But he's going on 41 now, I feel like he backed off on that a little bit, which is nice. He used to be mean to me ... now he's not to these young guys anymore,” Gronk said after practice on Wednesday. 

But that doesn’t mean Brady has slowed down by any means. "It's just unreal, it's remarkable. You just learn from him. You want to get taught from him," Rob marveled. "You want to be on the same chemistry as him out on the field, because he knows where you need to be. He knows talent around him, he knows guys around him, he's seen talent from the last 15 to 20 years on. So when he has something to say, something to correct, you have to listen.

"At age 41, there are coaches younger than him on the roster. And he looks younger than the coaches. Just the way he's moving, just [how] reliable he is at times, is just unbelievable and something to look up to."

As for Gronk's enduring talent? “I got a tight end, I got a tight booty, that’s all I know,” he said to close out the interview in true Gronk style.


The big fella was also asked by reporters what he got Brady for his birthday, which caused him to giggle like a school boy.

"It's a secret," he said, and then couldn't stop laughing about whatever he'd thought of. "I don't know what I thought of, I do kind of want to say it but then we'd all get in trouble. Well I would." We think that's a secret best kept inside Rob's head ..


It wasn’t just the fans that got a sweet treat from Kraft and co. this week. ESPN Patriots beat reporter Mike Reiss posted on Twitter that the press corps were gifted their own (much smaller) No. 12 cakes on the eve of Brady’s birthday.

See more tributes to Brady below.




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As for what's on Tom's mind right now? The 2018 season of course.


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