Find Out How You Can Become the Next Mrs. Gronk This Valentine's Day

Posted by: Gronkowski

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day this year?

Whether you’re with your significant other or Netflix-and-really-chilling, we bet you'd rather be spending it with Rob Gronkowski ... having him kiss you like that fluffy little kitten above (courtesy of ESPN's awesome photo shoot).

Well, we know a way how you can become the next Mrs. Gronk and hold Rob close to your chest this Feb. 14th -- and every other day. Just like a puppy isn't just for Christmas, this gem isn't just for Valentine's Day.

OK, well it's not actually the human Gronk, but our Mrs. Gronk raglan shirt is (almost) the next best thing.

The navy and white 3/4-sleeve tee-shirt features our boy grinning while looking suggestively over his shoulder surrounded by red love hearts.

What could be more romantic than that?

Other girls may want flowers and chocolates for Valentine's, but a real Pats fan would rather have a Gronk Nation tee than any Hallmark card.

And the Mrs. Gronk raglan is not just for Valentine's Day, it'll help you score any day of the year just like Number 87 does on the field. Just be sure to perform a Gronk Spike when you do!

The tees are a cool $34.99 each and come in small to extra large, though we recommend going a size up. No -- you didn't eat too much on Super Bowl Sunday, they're just tight-fitting. 

Click here to buy the limited addition shirt while stocks last.

Check out our awesome raglan being modeled at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis -- just before Gronk scored two touchdowns.



While you're waiting for your Mrs. Gronk raglan to arrive (they ship fast, we promise), relive Rob's most epic "romantic" moment ever when he read erotic fan fiction "A Gronking to Remember" sat by a fireplace on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Who can forget such literary genius as "Rob has a six pack that you could wash laundry on ..."

We still don't understand why that novel didn't get nominated for a Pulitzer.

Watch the reading in all its glory below.


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