¡Vamos Patriotas! Get Ready for Mexico City With Gronk Nation's English-Spanish Dictionary

Posted by: Gronkowski

The countdown is on for the Patriots' arrival in Mexico City this weekend. And before the team touches down in their massive Boeing 767s, many New England fans will have already headed south of the border to cheer them on against the Oakland Raiders.

While most people learned conversational Spanish in high school (even if you can’t remember much of it), "hola" and "buenos días!" aren’t going to be much use in the midst of a game frenzy. And being able to ask for "a return train ticket to Sevilla" is almost obsolete in the golden age of Uber.

So for those lucky fans who have already packed their sombreros and “Yo Soy Fiesta” shirts for this historic sporting experience, Gronk Nation has compiled a dictionary of essential football phrases to use once you enter the holy grail of Estadio Azteca stadium.

Check out our cheat sheet below, and IR PATRIOTS!

Touchdown - Aterrizaje

Let’s go, Patriots! -- Vamos Patriotas

Gronk Spike -- Gronk espiga

Brady is the goat – Brady es la cabra

That should be a penalty - Eso debería ser una pena

The referee is blind -- El árbitro es ciego

Raiders suck - Raiders chupar

I love Mexico City - Amo la ciudad de México

Go long - Ve largo

Do you speak English? - Hablas ingles

Where is the bathroom? - Dónde está el baño?

I need a beer -- Necesito una cerveza


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