Giddyup! Gronk Turns Into a Clydesdale as He Gives Brandin Cooks a Piggy Back

Posted by: Gronkowski

There are plenty of people out there who’d die to get a ride from Gronk, but wide receiver Brandin Cooks was the lucky jockey on Sunday when the big fella literally piggy-backed him across the field.

While it was bizarre to watch, the hilarious celebration kinda made sense.

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At only 5-foot-10, Cooks isn’t that much bigger than your average jockey – and Rob is certainly as big and strong as any Budweiser Clydesdale horse!

Not surprisingly, this isn't the first time that Gronk has been compared to one of Budweiser's beloved heavy horses -- by another one of his smaller teammates, of course. 

"He's like a Clydesdale horse out there," Julian Edelman said after the Pats beat the Bengals last season. "It's fun to watch. I'm glad he's on our team." Yep, so are we, Jules.

The latest smooth move came after Cooks scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter (and after Rob had already drilled two into the end zone), and was totally spur of the moment – according to one of the instigators, at least.

“Yeah, that was not planned or anything,” Gronk told reporters after the Pats thrashed the Miami Dolphins.

“We got yelled at. We’re not allowed to talk about celebrations. That’s what we got told. But, I kind of want to talk about it, but I kind of don’t because I’ll get in trouble, so I don’t know what to do. So, it just happened on the spot. It wasn’t planned. We’ll just keep it there.”

No word on who did the yelling, but we’re guessing that Belichick raised his voice over the shenanigans. For once, the fun didn’t violate the NFL celebration protocol after the league relaxed its rules this season. 

The Pats weren’t the only team who took advantage of the change in rules by busting out some ridiculous celebrations this week. The Philadelphia Eagles performed an epic group bowling stint, and then they did the electric slide!

As for the Jets, wide receiver Robby Anderson took a nap in the end zone after one of his touchdowns against the Panthers on Sunday. But isn’t that what the Jets defense have been doing all season?


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