Gronk ‘Drops the Mic’ on Gina Rodriguez in Epic Freestyle Rap Battle (Video)

Posted by: Gronkowski

Super Bowl champion, best tight end in the NFL, WWE wrestler, TV host – and now freestyle rapper?!?

It seems that Rob Gronkowski is even more multi-talented than we thought as TBS' new show “Drop the Mic” proved this week. 

Number 87 appears in the battle rap reality series opposite “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez, where he got to freestyle against the actress in magnificent style.

We all know that Gronk has wicked skills on the dance floor, but he may want to take some rap lessons from his Gronk Cruise sidekicks like Redfoo, Flo Rida and Waka Flocka.

To kick off the competition, Gronk rapped to Rodriguez: "You're a virgin, I'm not, I score all the time," in reference to her hit CW show. "Gina's always boasting about how good she is at rapping, let's hope she's better at this than acting."

"Rob's body is so weird he needs to get it in check. He goes to the gym just to workout his neck," the Golden Globe nominee dissed back. "I spin fire, you look like the caveman who discovered it."

Then she told him to check his manhood, because she "just deflated his balls." Ouch.

But Gronk came back with "I'm so good, I won the last Super Bowl and I didn't even play." The he said he'd "retire after Super Bowl 69." Nice!

“Drop the Mic” began life as a segment on late-night host (and big Gronk fan) James Corden’s “Late Late Show” and has been given its own TBS spot thanks to executive producer/former rapper Jensen Karp.

Hosted by Method Man and Hailey Baldwin, it features a colorful variety of TV and music stars ranging from James van der Beek and Halle Berry to Boys II Men.

If you missed Rob's episode on Tuesday, watch the video of his showdown with Rodriguez below.


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