Gronk Is ‘Super Proud’ of ‘Bazooka’ Patriots Fans

Posted by: Gronkowski


  1. a short-range tubular rocket launcher used against tanks.
  2. a trombonelike type of kazoo.

That’s the Dictionary definition of bazooka, but if you ask Gronk -- it means fans getting hyped and going wild (we think).

Our favorite tight end used his favorite new word during an otherwise serious AFC Championship press conference on Wednesday, telling reporters: “Our fans are always coming out.

“I remember last year I was watching the stands and they were going bazooka," he said of when the Pats beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 36-17 while he was out following back surgery. "They were super loud. Super proud."

Of course, this year the Steelers are dunzo, the Pats are taking on the Calais Campbell-led Jacksonville Jaguars defense and Gronk is 169 percent healthy.

"But it doesn't matter where you are. If you're playing home, if you're playing away, it's the better team that comes out. It's the team that's more prepared, it's the team that plays better on Sunday that's going to win the game," Rob continued diplomatically.

“It doesn't matter if we're home or if we're away. It's whoever comes out and plays harder on Sunday. So that's what we gotta do. Obviously having our home fans, them being super loud when they need to be definitely helps out, too."

The Jags have never won at Gillette and even coach Doug Marrone admits it’s “the most difficult place I've ever played,” according to -- but that by no means guarantees the Pats have a spot in Super Bowl LII. Yet.

The one thing we did learn for sure from this week’s press conferences is that Gronk is a helluva lot taller than Devin McCourty, as shown in the hilarious video below.


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