Gronk Nails a Field Hockey Shot on His Old High School Field

Posted by: Gronkowski

We've seen Rob Gronkowski play a multitude of sports, from football and basketball to flip cup and beer pong ... but we never thought we'd see him playing field hockey.

But it was jolly hockey sticks all around last weekend when Gronk was back in Buffalo visiting his family and bumped into freshman hockey player Shannon Quinlan.

The pint-sized Patriots fan was blown away when she saw the tight end working out at his old high school of Williamsville in Amherst, New Year, so of course she snapped a pic, which was later posted on NESN.  

"This guy was huge compared to me!," Shannon wrote on Twitter while posing next to a sweat-soaked Gronk holding a baseball bat.

Multi-talented Gronk wasn't happy sitting on the sidelines watching Shannon and her sister, Sarah, play field hockey, so of course he grabbed a stick and jumped into their game.

To the surprise of no one, he was pretty damn good -- hitting a hart shot and "an aerial hit!"

It was even good enough to capture the attention of the USA Field Hockey team



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