Gronk Proves His Spanish Has Improved Along With His Game

Posted by: Gronkowski

Remember that golden age back in 2012 when Gronk dropped the words that have now gone down in history: “Yo Soy Fiesta”?

Well not only has he evolved into the best tight end ever in the five years since then, his Spanish has also gotten a lot better, too.

The big fella had a very special message for his fans down in Mexico this week via Patriots Espanol – and he said it in their native tongue (almost).

We have to admit that our Spanish is a little rusty (thank God for Google translate) so we're not exactly sure what he said, but it was done with great flourish! 

Check out the video below.



Known as Grande Roberto to Mexican Pats Nation, Gronk of course fell back on his staple as well.

"My old message: Yo soy fiesta, baby,” he told reporters earlier in the week while practicing in Colorado Springs where the Pats were getting acclimatized to altitude.

As for what it’s been like playing at 7,200 before heading to Azteca Stadium, Gronk said: “My skin feels a lot drier. A lot of people are getting their nose super dry, mouth super dry.

“So, just glad to be here and to be able to prepare to what Mexico City will be at the same altitude. I mean, it's good training. I'm glad we're doing it."

Brady had his usual laser focus when asked about the upcoming match up against the Raiders.

"I'm excited for it. It's going to be a lot of fun. I've never been to Mexico City. When the schedule comes out and you kind of figure out where you're playing, this is the kind of game you look forward to, playing against a really good football team in a pretty cool environment," he said, according to "So, it will be very memorable. I think everyone's excited. It's been a fun week to prepare, and we've still got a couple days left. Hopefully we can use it wisely." 

If you need extra reason to get amped up for the game, relive the beauty of the original "Yo Soy Fiestas" from 2012 below.


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