Gronk Revels in a Wild Day in Mexico City: 'Yo Soy Fiesta Y Fuerte!'

Posted by: Gronkowski

The Patriots definitely pulled off a grande win in Mexico City on Sunday, destroying the Oakland Raiders in what should have been their home game. 

The final score of 33-8 doesn’t even reflect how much the Pats dominated all afternoon – or how rampant the New England fans were in their vocal support of the current (and future?) Super Bowl champs.

After a rollicking time at the game, we caught up with Gronk in the locker room at Azteca Stadium (while he was admittedly only wearing a towel ...) to relish in the victory.

When asked about the wildest thing from the weekend, “It was the atmosphere. Last night we just went to the hotel and relaxed, so the wildest thing was when we got to the game –- the atmosphere was super loud and super cool.”

And the highlight? “The win, getting two wins on the road back-to-back,” Rob said, after beating the Broncos in their stadium the previous week.

“It was good to bond this week in Colorado Springs, it was a great week preparing for football. [But now] I am gonna get back home and kick back, relax for a few days as we’ve been on the road for 10 days.”

The 7,300 feet of altitude didn’t seem to slow down Gronk on the field and he said Belichick’s smart planning was an added benefit.

“We practiced all week at the Air Force Base, which is the same height, but it was definitely a little different here,” he told us. “But it was a good thing to get used to the altitude all week and it helped us big time. I was fine, I just drank a lot of water and stayed hydrated.” (We offered him our pedialyte but he was all good!)

There were so many things to marvel over in the Pats’ beat down of the Raiders, and Stephen Gostkowski's career-high 62-yard field goal was one of them. 

“That was unreal, he did a great job and he was four-for-four today. He works hard and I helped out with that catch to put him in field goal range -- then he kicked a 62-yarder. It was from one Polak to another, that’s called Polak Power!” (If you didn’t realize, both Gronkowski and Gostkowski are of Polish descent.)

We’ve already seen that Rob’s Spanish has gotten a lot better in the last five years, and he had some closing words for the fans in Mexico: “Hola, mi nombre es Roberto. Yo soy fiesta y fuerte -- I am party and strong!" 

A few minutes later when he took to the podium for the post-game press conference, Gronk got the roomful of reporters laughing by saying "Hola!" and agreeing that the night should be a fiesta, but "it was basically a business trip."

The game "actually exceeded expectations. We did a great job as a team. Everyone played well in all areas of the game, especially special teams. Stephen with the 62-yard field goal, which was unbelievable at halftime.

"So it was just a fiesta all over the field!"

Next up, the Patriots host the Miami Dolphins in Gillette. Yeah, we're not worried.



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