Gronk's Stiff Arm Propels the Patriots to Victory Over the Chiefs in Thrilling Sunday Night Showdown

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It’s rare that a regular season game lives up to the hype, but boy did the Patriots-Chiefs showdown Sunday night fulfill  - and then surpass - everybody’s expectations. 

The young, exciting quarterback leading his unbeaten team going up against the veteran star of the NFL, throw in the grudge match over last year’s Game 1 loss and you have a Hollywood script that was perfect for primetime TV.

And with only 3 minutes, 39 seconds remaining, who should come in and save the day? Our dashing hero, Rob Gronkowski and his unstoppable stiff arm. 

His victim was Kansas City safety Ron Parker who ended up eating turf on the field at Gillette as Gronk barreled through him.

The result was that the Pats picked up 42 yards on the completion to kick-start a spectacular drive, which Stephen Gostkowski sealed with a 50-yard field goal for a 40-33 lead at the 3:15 mark of the fourth quarter.

But the drama wasn’t over there … swashbuckling Patrick Mahomes wasn’t going to give up the fight that easily, and a swift pass to Tyreek Hill lead to a 75-yard touchdown.

Were we going to have overtime late on a Sunday night? Thankfully no. A perfect Brady spiral over the KC secondary was scooped from the air by Gronk for a 39-yard game. It also marked the 500th catch of No. 87’s career – so only 169 more until we can really celebrate!

We’ll be sure to get plenty more of Brady-to-Gronk, TB12 later confirmed: “He got a matchup and made a big play,” Brady said after the game, according to “He’s been making a lot of those in his career. I’ll keep throwing to him in the biggest moments.”

Tom even sent a special shout out to Rob via an Instagram video late Sunday night, where he told the big fella: “Gronk, you can line up however you want, you keep stiff arming people like that – LET’S GO!” he said with glee, before whispering, “my kids are sleeping.” Shhhhhh, and good night to all.


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Once again, Gostkowski had the last word on the field Sunday in the form of a 28-yard field goal. Unbelievably, the final score of 43-40 was the first of its kind in NFL history.

Another NFL “first” was Brady’s 200th regular season career win, which made him the first ever QB to achieve that milestone (and the fourth player overall).

You’d better get used to the “Brady makes history” headlines, as there are going to be more and more of them over this season as our resident 41-year-old breaks new ground and smashes old records.

After a signature slow start in September, the Pats have scored 30 or more points in the last three games with their wins over the Dolphins, Colts and now the Chiefs. 

The Pats and the Chiefs combined put up almost 1,000 yards of offenseon Sunday night. There were plenty of shining stars on both ends of the field, with Mahomes and Kansas City showing both grit and class even in defeat.

But while it was “just one loss" for KC, the outcome of Sunday’s game could very well predict who has home-field advantage for the AFC playoffs next January.

New England got points on the board from a variety of sources on Sunday, with rookie Sony Michel scoring two touchdowns and Julian Edelman bringing home his first TD since blowing his ACL last year. Gronk had the top receiving numbers with three receptions and 97 yards. 

At the end of the day, the boss was happy. "That was a great job by our players and coaching staff. Just battling for 60 minutes. We talked about that all week," Belichick said. "In the end, we were able to just do a little bit more, do enough. I'm really proud of the way we competed all the way through -- from the opening kickoff to the final kick. It's a great effort. I thought we went out and played hard. I think we deserved it.”

Brady was still smiling Monday morning too, telling  WEEI's “Kirk and Callahan” show: I think we're starting to feel confident in what we can achieve really if we put it together for four quarters," Brady said. "I think it's going to look great. We had 38, 38 and 43. And I think we all feel like there's plays still out there and we're still getting familiar with one another. If we can just keep grinding and keep practicing and keep making improvements, it's tough to stop us. That's a good feeling."




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