Gronk Says He Could Play Defense

Posted by: Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski spent the final play of Sunday’s win over the Texans playing deep safety to protect against a Hail Mary attempt. The Patriots’ tight end admitted on Thursday that he misses playing defense sometimes.

Gronkowski noted to the media that while he was used as a “hybrid safety” on Sunday, he’d be better off moving closer to the football.

“If they put me at D-end ever, you’d see I’m a hybrid D-end,” Gronkowski said. “Maybe one day I’ll switch to it. I’ve thought about that.”

Gronkowski also provided an explanation why playing defense might be favorable

“You just put your head down and you go up the field,” he said. “You don’t got to run 70 yards up the field.”


Gronkowski got his hands on the ball his lone play at safety and was credited with a passed defended. Gronk seemed to love the experience and would welcome taking on the role again.

“Now I can say whenever people ask me that I play both offense and defense,” he said. “I enjoy it and it’s fun going in there.


Written by: Ben Faunce 


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