Gronk Sets Another Record

Posted by: Gronkowski

For the second consecutive week, Rob Gronkowski was a record setter while ironing
out another impressive performance on Sunday.

In the Patriots’ 33-30 loss to the Panthers, Gronkowski pulled in four catches for 80
yards, which was enough to move past Wes Welker (6,300) for most receiving yards
from Tom Brady. Gronkowski has notched 6,337 receiving yards in his tenure with
the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Gronkowski didn’t stop there, as the tight end passed Troy Brown (6,366) to rank
third on the Patriots’ all-time receiving list with 6,413 yards. Only Stanley Morgan
(10,352) and Wes Welker (7,459) have recorded more receiving yards in New
England franchise history.

As Gronkowski tends to do, he only cared about the outcome of Sunday’s loss and
sidestepped the accomplishment.

“We had two great drives in the fourth quarter, but we have to be doing that the
whole game,” he said.

Written by: Ben Faunce


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