Gronk Starts the Patriots 2018 Season Off With a Bang by Scoring First Touchdown of the Year

Posted by: Gronkowski

Just 3 minutes and 10 seconds into the 2018 NFL season and we already have a Gronk Spike, ladies and gentlemen! 

If this is how the Patriots season is going to continue, then we are definitely on board! Gronk caught a perfect 21-yeard pass from Tom Brady to put the first points on the board at Gillette Stadium on Sunday. 

The pass deep left marked the 76th touchdown connection from Brady to Gronk, which is the second-most ever from a quarterback to a tight end. The momentous TD put the Patriots up 7-0 over the Houston Texans before many fans had even made it to their seats.

#Gronk quickly became the top trend on Twitter as Rob started off opening Sunday with a bang.

Sorry Andy Dalton, you're a poor second, but we do appreciate that you had 1,690 tweets about you.




Gronk went on to make a miraculous catch in double coverage for a 28-yard gain with just over a minute left in the second half. 

He finished the day with 123 yards, one TD and catapulted the Pats to a 27-20 win over the Texans.

It's also been a hell of a weekend for Celtics phenom Terry Rozier.

After joining Drake on stage at the TD Garden Saturday night (lets not talk about that half-court shot on stage he missed ...), Scary Terry - wearing a Brady No. 12 jersey - opened the Pats locker room door before the game hype to up the crowd. 

As always, the Gronk Nation crew came out in full force with the Gronk Bus making it's first of many trips to Foxboro for the year. (Click here to see how you can rent the Gronk Bus for your own tailgate crew (dancing Gronk bros. and beer not included)).



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