Gronk Focused on a Win, Not Bills' 'Retribution': 'They're Always Mentally, Physically Tough'

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As if the Bills weren’t already baying for Gronk’s blood over bitterness that he left Buffalo in favor of New England, they will definitely have him in their sights in what the Buffalo News is calling “a retribution game.”

"Obviously, there are going to be opportunities for guys to take shots this next game," Bills left guard Richie Incognito said Wednesday.

We’re sure you all remember that it was Incognito who was accused of harassing former Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin in 2013, leading him to be suspended for three months. At the time, ESPN's Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen reported that Martin feared "retribution, primarily from Incognito." And now Richie is talking about retribution?

As usual, Gronk took the high road when asked about his “level of concern, if at all, with the Tre'Davious White situation,” during the Pats’ Friday press conference, reported.

“I've just been preparing all week, just like any other week. Preparing for a big game on Sunday with the team, with the boys and just going to be ready for a hard-fought battle,” he said. “Every single time we play the Bills they're always battling hard. They're always mentally tough. They're always physically tough and this will be a big game Sunday. We've just got to keep on preparing. We've got another 48 more hours to go before kickoff so just make sure I'm ready to go.”

As for if he has reached out to White, “I've been just focusing on, this whole week, to prepare for the game and be ready to help out the team and be with my boys out there.

“He's a good player. No doubt about that. He's young and he can make plays, but he's a good player. No doubt,” he added.

When Brady was quizzed about whether the Bills will be out for revenge, he replied: “I mean, no, I think you have a pretty good gauge. It's a physical game and there's contact, so if you throw it and they get hit you hate to have anyone get hit. But, receivers get hit. The quarterback gets hit. Everyone gets hit. I'm just going to try and find the open guy and throw it to him."

However, TB12 doesn’t think they need to take extra care of this top tight end. “I think it's just a normal game. I'm going to try and go play and win,” he added. “He's obviously a big part of what we do, and if they slow him down we've got to figure out other ways to move the ball.”

Of course, we all know why the Bills are bitter about Number 87. They took DT Torell Troup from Central Florida with the 41st pick of the 2010 NFL Draft … and then the Patriots nabbed TE Rob Gronkowski out of Arizona with the 42nd pick. Ooops.


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