Gronk Talks Super Bowl LI Rematch, Without Talking Super Bowl LI Rematch

Posted by: Gronkowski

First rule of the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl LI rematch is: don’t talk about the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl LI rematch.

That’s the message that Bill Belichick is sending his players ahead of Sunday night’s game against Atlanta -- and Rob Gronkowski for one is listening loud and clear.

“We’ve been given really high strict rules that we are not allowed to talk about that game,” Gronk said, according to ESPN NFL Nation reporter Mike Reiss.

“So you’re not really going to get any information from anyone about that.”

That’s about all you’re gonna get from Rob on the matter – or from any of the other Patriots players if they know what’s good for them.

And whatever you do, don’t call it a Falcons “revenge game” even though it’s the first time they face the Patriots after New England came back from a 28-3 deficit to the win 34-28.

We don’t know what will happen if you do … and we’re too scared to find out. 

If you need a reminder of how SB LI played out -- or just want to relive the glory over and over again -- watch the video below.

Even though Gronk didn’t play in Super Bowl LI, he was very much a part of the comeback victory – and was by Robert Kraft’s side in his suite when history was made.

As for returning with a vengeance and scoring two touchdowns against the Jets last week, “It feels great to be back playing,” the big fella said.

“Great” was the word on Brady’s lips too when he was asked about his favorite tight end.

“When he gets going it’s great for everybody, so it’s been great having him in there this year,” the G.O.A.T. said according to ESPN. “He’s worked really hard and I love playing with him. We’ve got a great rapport. He’s obviously a guy that’s super-consistent when he’s been out there for us, and he’s really playing that same role this year.”

We can't wait until they can talk about the rematch in the post-game press conference late Sunday night.

It's gonna be great.



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