Gronk Teams Up With Dunkin’ to Teach the ‘Art of the Spike’ During Bye Week

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What did Gronk get up to during the Patriots’ bye week -- aside from dressing up as “Gronkenstein” for Halloween, of course?

The Spike Master taught his signature celebration to bunch of lucky fans at Gillette Stadium in a special “Art of the Spike” tailgate on Sunday. 

Yep ... when he had a week off work, the hardest working tight end in the NFL went to the office to entertain fans.

In partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts and with his sidekick big bro Gordie Gronkowski Jr. by his side on the field, Gronk was armed with an orange whistle, a pink megaphone and a very fetching pair of khakis for the fun-filled day.

So how exactly do you spike a football? The secret is in the hand position, Gronk revealed.

"In order to do it, you take the ball in the palm of your hand and you put it so you get the best grip right here at the bottom,” he told "Not the belly, but right at the tip of the ball where your fingers are touching the belly. So when you follow through, you can hit the belly of the ball right onto the ground, and it gives you the most power and the most explosiveness that you can get and generate."

Spiking a football was actually a dream of Rob's since he was a teenager, but ironically he wasn't allowed to do it until he joined the NFL. 

"I always wanted to do it in high school and college, but we weren’t allowed,” he said. “It was a penalty -- no lie -- to spike the ball at those levels. So I got to this level, the NFL, and you were allowed to do it."

Gronk's first spike was actually after his second touchdown for the Patriots back in 2010. "It just started catching on," Rob said -- and the rest, as they say, is history. 

While Rob was spiking balls in Foxboro as per usual, Brady was chilling on the beach with his family at the Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club in the Bahamas. But he's the GOAT -- so he can spend his vacation time however the hell he wants.

Bye-Bye, Bye! 😎

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Next week, expect Tom to be out of his hammock and throwing passes to Gronk once again as the Patriots head to Mile High for their annual meeting with the Denver Broncos.


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