Gronk Tells Jimmy Fallon Why Patriots Parade Is the 'Best Experience Anyone Can Go Through,' Even After Being Hit in the Head by a Beer Can

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It’s been a hell of a week for Gronk! 

After making the only catch in the end zone during Super Bowl LIII and being the party mascot of the Patriots victory parade, Rob spent Wednesday night in New York City on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.”

The pair were already fast friends after hanging out at the Belmont Stakes last year. 

“I know you’re always having fun, you’re Gronk – that’s what you’re supposed to do. That’s why we all love you and relate to you, because you look like you’re having so much fun,” Fallon told him to open the late-night interview.

“Same with you buddy. Remember when we were at the Belmont too, we hit it off – I did almost win that race … it was pretty impressive,” Gronk the human said of Gronkowski the racehorse. 

Fallon then went to hit on what everyone has been talking about … that shirtless, wine-swigging, goat-hugging parade. 

"Millions of fans showed up to watch you and celebrate you, and you had to go 'full Gronk' for them,” he said.

“The parade is hands down the best party, it’s the best experience anyone can go through. We had 1.5 million people on the city of Boston, the Patriots Nation is always represented,” Gronk told him. 

Cue a video clip of Rob catching beers one-handedly and doing air guitar …

“Hold on, I’ve got a story. At one time there were five of those nipple shots thrown at one time, then five beers are thrown at one time. Everyone in the duck boat is duking … we’re getting good practice in for next season, then the next thing you know, ‘POW’ – you see that?” He says pointing to a cut on his forehead. 

“Full beer can right to the face. I was bleeding all over on the parade on the duck boat. Then my dad is blocking the next shots and karate kicking a beer flying at me.” Go, go Papa Gronk!

Of course, there was also a pretty big game last Sunday to talk about too.

“The catch? You said somewhere that Julian Edelman told you in the huddle, ‘Hey Gronk, we need a big play from you,’” Fallon said.

“ Julian is an outspoken guy on our team to get us going and he was having a phenomenal game. A couple of times during the playoffs he just comes up and looks at me, you know drops a couple of F-bombs and stuff at me.

“’Lets f---ing go baby, you’re gonna get this catch Rob, you’re gonna make this play for us!’

“He was making big plays left and right, and says he always believed in me. It’s the same with everyone, we believe in each other and we all play for each other.”

Gronk and Brady’s lifestyles may seem very different in the offseason (riding horses on the beach in Costa Rica vs dancing on Shaq’s shoulders at Ultra in Miami) but Rob told Fallon that they’re always in touch.

“Seeing what the other’s doing, staying in shape. You’re accountable to each other, you’re a team. Then after a couple of weeks off we’ll get together and start throwing more.”

When Fallon asked about the adorable viral moment during the parade when he called over to Brady’s six-year-old daughter on the opposite duck bus. “Hi Vivi,” “Hi Gronky!”


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Well, it gets waaaaaay cuter than that. Rob revealed that on Saturday during the team’s pre-Super Bowl family photo session Brady told him that Vivian has “the biggest crush on him.”

“So I look at him and go, ‘Well I have a nephew!’” You actually have four nephews, Rob, so which lucky one are you going to set her up with?

Jimmy of course wasn’t going to let Gronk go without asking the $69 million question about if he was going to retire.

“There’s buzz everywhere that you’re going to be the next Hollywood action star karate kicking beers – you could be the next John Cena or Dwayne Johnson, would you be up for that?” Fallon asked.

“First off, I’ve got to see where I’m at. Right after the season, you can’t make a decision, it’s so emotional. You’ve got to settle down and see how your body responds,” Gronk responded, while explaining that he was supposed to come on the show Monday but had a shot to his quad and it was too painful. “But I know how to bounce back … always come back stronger.” 


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