Gronk Throws a Boston TEA-m Party for Marathon Runners Who Raised Over $80K

Posted by: Gronkowski

The weather at the 122nd Boston Marathon was wicked miserable on Monday, which made the 30,000 resilient runners who braved freezing rain and 30-m.p.h. winds even braver. Some of them even did it with smiles on their faces! 

Once again, runners for the Gronk Nation Team kicked ass -- and raised thousands of dollars doing it for charity.

Everyone finished the grueling 26.2 miles despite being whipped in the face with sheets of rain, and got to celebrate with Gronk, big bro Gordie Jr. and the crew afterwards at a private party at Capo in Boston.

Most importantly, they've made $80,415 so far, with more coming in. Some of the money goes towards funding New England schools football programs.

As has become tradition to kick off marathon weekend, the Gronk gang gathered at the Harvard Club of Boston on Friday night for the Charity Team fundraising dinner, where Rob handed over Gronk-sized checks to the lucky kids.

The bros dubbed it the "Boston TEAm Party" (get it??) and boy did they have a blast. 

The big fella even wore a metallic thermal blanket for the occasion, like thousands of runners would a few days later, and Gord had on his usual oversized comedy glasses. As you do ...

Amid the marathon celebrations, Gronk also took time to remember the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed four people, including eight-year-old Martin Richard, and injured 264 more. 

Gronk teamed up with Red Sox legend David Ortiz to raise money for the children of Boston with the "Still Our City" campaign, echoing the famous speech Big Papi made at Fenway after the terror attack.

Get your own "Still Our City" charity shirt here.


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