Gronk 'Throws Strikes' With the Kids at One Mission Buddies Bowl Fundraiser

Posted by: Gronkowski

Who's ready for a Gronk Strike?

No. 87 swapped his Patriots jersey for a tie-dye tee-shirt at his annual bowing outing to raise money for One Mission this week, where he was joined on the lanes by a very, very happy group of kids.

"Just throwing strikes, sipping water ????, signing autographs, taking pics! No time wasted when spending time with these young kids!" he wrote on Instagram Tuesday.

The outing was at Splitsville at Patriot Place, just feet away from where the Gronk will soon be catching TDs in Gillette Stadium.

Needless to say, Gronk has perfect bowling form -- just check out that flawless right-angled left knee, the dropped right leg, and laser focus on the bowl ... that's a guaranteed strike! 


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Along with the Buddy Bowl, Gronk and his bros shave their heads every June for One Mission's Buzz Off, but it seems that Rob's mop is growing back pretty quickly.

" P.S. My hair is growing back fast!" he added on Insta.

One Mission is a pediatric cancer charity that does whatever it takes to get kids through cancer -- from making living in the hospital less lonely and stressful, bringing back joy in a time of fear and uncertainty, and giving kids and their loved ones the support they need to get through the emotional and financial challenges of treatment. 

The Gronkowski family have been bringing joy to One Mission kids for seven years now, and will for many years to come.


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