Titans Try to Figure Out Their Gronk Dilemma: 'He Can Do It All'

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Rob Gronkowski is such a force of nature that the Tennessee Titans have had to pull together a special plan of attack in the hope containing him on Saturday.

Good luck with that one fellas! Hell, at least they can laugh about it though.

“It’s like the high school basketball coach that’s going up against the 7-foot center and the tallest guy on his team is 6-2,” Titans defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said, according to the Tennessean

“He gets one of them and stands them up on a chair so when you’re shooting you get used to seeing a guy up there 8 foot in the air.”

As for the how the Titans defense prepares for the seemingly unstoppable Brady-to-Gronk combo, “You’re not going to duplicate Tom Brady and Gronkowski, so you show them a lot of video and make sure you’re where you need to be on the practice field and then play football, in this case on Saturday,” LeBeau said.

The defensive coaching corps attempts to re-create Gronk’s on the field greatness includes lining up at tight end, receiver and fullback.

“I’m trying to give these guys the best look I can, trying to mirror his play,” Titans tight end Tim Semisch said, “They’ve done a great job all week of trying to shut me down.”


Sadly his impersonation didn’t include any Gronk Spikes!

“I didn’t want to rub anyone the wrong way or start any rifts at practice,” Semisch joked, “so I didn’t do any Gronk spikes.”

Titans coach Mike Mularkey also marveled at how to tackle the Gronk problem.

"He can do it all ... That’s one thing. He can mix it up in the run game," he said, USAToday.com reported. "That’s unique in this day in age that you can get a guy that can do both very well and still continues to do it year after year. No matter what teams try to do to try to take him out of games, it’s been very difficult to do that. He’s just impressive.”


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