Gronk 'Vroom, Vrooms' His Way Around the Monster Energy Tour

Posted by: Gronkowski

Gronk always goes full throttle but his energy was amped up 169 percent this weekend on the Monster Energy tour.

The hyped couple of days started on Saturday at the Patriots' "home office" when Supercross Foxborough sped into Gillette Stadium for a dirt bike racing extravaganza.

Rob clearly had a blast transforming from a tight end to a dirt bike racer and bragged about his skills in a front of a group of reporters who are more used to grilling him about football plays and touchdowns.

Coming out to the podium in a racing suit and a bike helmet, Rob told them: "I've been riding dirt bikes, training really hard.

"I can vroom vroom really good. I can ride that bike like no other, and my speed is up there," he added.


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Rob went on to play mind games with the press after he was asked for the 69,000th time if he was contemplating retirement.

"It depends on how my racing skills go today," he said.

One kinda serious message he had for the fans was the promise that "they're going to see a freek-a-leek when I come back," he said, to quote rapper Petey Pablo.

Our super-sized Monster Energy spokesperson then jetted out to Austin, Texas, with some of his bros for the MotoGP at Circuit of the Americas, where the bikes were "lit," according to Chris G.

Check out all the results on the Monster Energy website here.

The boys also got to catch up with Gronk BDJF (Best DJ Forever) at Summit Austin on Saturday night, where they paid tribute to late music legend Avicii in an epic dance off to "Levels."


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