Gronkowski Entertains in “MVP” Season 2

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Rob Gronkowski was at his best in the Season 2 for the reality series “MVP” that premiered on go90 on Monday.

Gronkowski is featured as one of the star athletes that receive pitches from entrepreneurs who are looking for the athletes to team up with their business to help promote and grow their businesses as brand ambassadors. Other athletes include current and former NFL players Calais Campbell, Melvin Gordon and Terrell Owens, Lakers forward Julius Randle and MMA star Chuck Liddell.

The New England Patriots' joyous and enthusiastic tight end gets in on the action in typical “Gronk” fashion. Between stripping off his shirt, flipping steaks and performing a bit of ballet, Gronkowski proves his ability to entertain.

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“Businesses pitch us on why we should endorse them and help them bring their product to the next level to show more people what they’re all about,” Gronkowski told TheWrap during the season’s filming. “It’s an opportunity to bring their companies up and expand them out there.

“As many of my fans know, I have saved all of the money that I’ve earned from the Patriots by primary living off of my endorsements deals, whether it’s with Monster, Tide or any of my partners. I understand how important these deals are to athletes who are thinking about their future beyond the field.”

Written by: Ben Faunce


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