Happy 69 Day! Celebrate the Year's Best Holiday Gronk-Style

Posted by: Gronkowski

Those of you who think Thanksgiving, Halloween or Christmas are the best holidays of the year are very much mistaken.

Hands-down the the No. 1 date on the calendar is June 9 ... a.k.a. 6/9. 

This year there are even more things to celebrate on 69 Day as the Citi Rob Gronkowski Football Clinic will be moulding kids' bodies and minds in Woburn, Massachusetts, all weekend (that date may not have been accidental ... )

And Gronkowski the Horse will be racing in the Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the Triple Crown. Having started out at 69-1 odds, he's now improved to 12-9. 

Rob loves the number 69 so much that even he even missing a free throw in a high school basketball game because of it.

“So we’re playing a home game and we have 68 points -- now it’s not a blowout, but it’s not a particularly close game either," his high school coach Tom Monaghan told WPRI last year. "So he [Gronkowski] gets fouled and goes to the free throw line. He hits the first one to get us to 69 and the place goes nuts because he’s playing into it. On his next free throw, he purposely chucks the ball off the backboard and misses so the score would stay at 69 and then runs back on defense pointing at the scoreboard.”

In honor of all these signs from above, we've collected some of our favorite 69 moments from the man himself, from wearing a homemade 69 jersey for Pats practice to scoring his 69th touchdown.

Check out 69 more reasons to love Gronk below.




Gronk sets his price ????

More ????: https://t.co/xg6LqUxifT pic.twitter.com/bH1tuqU6Dn

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