Check Out How Gronk Spikes the Turkey for Thanksgiving!

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The Gronkowski family is wishing all of Patriots Nation a very, very happy Thanksgiving!

And while you may think those mountains of men can eat whatever they want, Big Rob had some sound advice for everyone this Turkey Day before they sit down to a huge plate of food. 

“There’s mental toughness right there. Knowing that you’ve got the huge pie in front of you and only eating a little piece even though you want to eat the whole pie,” Gronk told NESN a couple of Thanksgivings ago.

“So definitely know what your limit is because I know anyone in this locker room can put down like six pounds of food and come in the next day a little sluggish … So just enjoy the food, enjoy your friends and family and have a good time.”

(The image above is from Bleacher Report's hilarious "Gridiron Heights" animation)

Now we’ve personally seen Gronk chow down a whole lot of food, but even Thanksgiving is all about balance.

When they were growing up, the Gronkowski boys – Gordie, Dan, Chris, Rob and Glenn – would always burn off any excess calories playing a Turkey Bowl football game in their backyard in Buffalo. Do ya think that was ever competitive?!? Nooooo!

While Mama Gronk (a.k.a. Diane Gronkowski-Walters) cooked enough to feed a small nation, the boys tackled each other in the snow. 

Rob is pretty laid back when it comes to what he eats, but one thing he won’t take is dry turkey. “You always need a couple extra gravy or something on top of that. But stuffing always goes good,” Rob said. “You just put the stuffing on top of whatever you’re about to eat, and it makes it delicious.”

So if you ever invite Gronk over for Thanksgiving dinner, remember – make extra gravy and stuffing.

Thanksgiving is also about giving back to the community, which Gronk and his BFF Goon know all too well when they volunteer with the other Patriots.

Happy Thanksgiving 🍽🦃 @gronk

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