How To Perform the Perfect ‘Gronk Spike’

Posted by: Gronkowski

Since the NFL loosened its celebration policies this season, a series of elaborate and fun touchdown celebrations have appeared across the league.

For Rob Gronkowski, his traditional “Gronk Spike” will live on as his TD celebration, something he’s been wanting to do since his youth.

“I always wanted to do it in high school and college, but we weren’t allowed,” he told “It was a penalty — no lie — to spike the ball at those levels. So I got to this level, the NFL, and you were allowed to do it.”

At a bye week tailgate hosted by Dunkin’ Donuts at Gillette Stadium, Gronk explained how to complete the perfect spike.

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“In order to do it, you take the ball in the palm of your hand and you put it so you get the best grip right here at the bottom,” Gronkowski said. “Not the belly, but right at the tip of the ball where your fingers are touching the belly. So when you follow through, you can hit the belly of the ball right onto the ground, and it gives you the most power and the most explosiveness that you can get and generate.”

So, does Gronk have a desire to update his touchdown antics and follow the more intricate celebration? It’s possible.

“I feel like we haven’t been part of the celebrations that much compared to other teams. I mean, they’ve been doing great,” Gronk said. “But obviously first off, getting the victory is the most important part. Maybe we’ll get some celebrations going down the road.”



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