Is Gronk the Next Liam Neeson? His New 'Unsportsmanlike Comedy' Spoof Proves It

Posted by: Gronkowski

Is Gronk ready to be Hollywood’s next big action star? Hell yes!

If Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can go from the WWE ring to being one of the most bankable actors in Tinsel Town, there’s no stopping this juggernaut.

Gronk showed off his acting chops with a spoof video for his new Showtime comedy special “Unsportsmanlike Comedy with Rob Gronkowski,” in which he joins Liam Neeson and Vera Farmiga on a train, a la their new action thriller “Commuter.” 

Vera’s cunning character asks Liam to do a “little thing” for her involving a package in the bathroom containing $100,000 -- what can go wrong, right?

Luckily Gronk is sat next the vixen (stealthily hiding behind a newspaper) in the new and improved version of “Commuter,” and warns Neeson with a sign saying: “She’s Crazy!”

As Neeson is pondering his next move, Gronk leaps into action for “game time!”


While we love Liam, his “Taken” movie trope is getting a little stale, what the Irish star really needs to fire up the box office is a Neeson-Gronkowski big screen tag team!

As for “Unsportsmanlike Comedy,” that debuts on Showtime Friday night, with Rob showing off his comedy skills and his six pack (you didn’t expect him to keep his shirt on for a whole standup show did you?) 

The special also features acts from Juston McKinney, Finesse Mitchell (a fellow survivor from the 2016 Gronk Cruise), Jay Larson, John Caparulo and Lenny Clarke -- most of whom take cheap shots at Gronk.

"Unsportsmanlike Comedy" was executive produced by Gronkowski, Henry Penzi and Matt Schuler, written by Mike Young. It premieres Friday Jan. 5 at 10pm ET/PT.

And before you complain that Gronk should be focusing on the playoffs and Patriots practice in a bomb cyclone, it was filmed last July during the off season.

Watch the trailer below. 


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