It's Gonna Take a 'Group Effort' From the Steelers to Contain Gronk

Posted by: Gronkowski

If the New England Patriots have the Steelers’ number, then Gronk has them on speed dial (or FaceTime?).

As the Pats enter into enemy territory in Pittsburgh on Sunday for what is no doubt the most important game of the regular season, Gronk is thankfully back and ready to torment the Steelers’ D.

And that’s not just our opinion, Pittsburgh safety Mike Mitchell says it takes a “group effort” to contain Number 87, who has 30 catches, 496 yards and eight touchdowns in five career games against the Steelers. 

"We've got several guys we're going to try to throw [at him]," Mitchell said, according to ESPN. "It's going to require coaches calling the right calls, it's going be us executing everything they call to a T. There's no real one real answer."

Asked why Gronk is such a matchup nightmare, Mitchell said, "He's 6-7."

Technically Rob is 6-foot-6, but he gets a lot of air?

One nominee to attempt tackling the big fella is T.J. Watt, who said he is up for the challenge.

"At the end of the day, it's just about getting hands on him and trying to disrupt him as best as possible," he said.

In his first press conference since last week’s suspension, Gronk was laser-focused on his job this week.

"I definitely learned from the mistake that I made, for sure, a couple weeks ago," he said. "But I have a huge game this Sunday, we have a huge game as a team, so I'm just putting all my focus on to the Steelers this week.

"It's super good to be back, just back to normal schedule. It feels good. We had a couple good days of practice, super cold out, but it's a big game we got this Sunday. Big preparation. So you have to be ready,” he added. 

Get ready for Steelers fans to be weeping into their Terrible Towels by Sunday night.


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