The Most Gronk-iest Moments from Super Bowl LIII Opening Night, From 69 Math Problems to Motorboating Michael Irvin

Posted by: Gronkowski

Super Bowl LIII Week is officially here and it’s already lit!

Gronk got the party started on Monday to open Media Night with some smooth dance moves as he twerked onto the stage for his introduction in a performance that even got Tom Brady cracking up with laughter.


Rob proceeded to a break out into a full dance party that Mojo would have been proud off as he wiggled his butt for the cameraman. Ah hell, this is gonna get crazy. Someone get the Gronk Bus, this party rocker needs a pole to swing on!


Not everyone was impressed though, with Devin McCourty telling NFL Network that Rob "was just dancing some of the worst dance moves I've ever seen." OUCH.

Opening Night, formerly known as Media Day, has seen it's fair share of bizarre pranks - remember back in 2008 when a TV Azteca reporter turned up in a wedding dress and proposed to Brady? - but Gronk seemed determined to set a new bar for awesomeness.

Once the actual interview frenzy started, the training wheels were off! When an Emory University student reporter invited him to a frat party later that night, Rob had to decline because he has curfew.

But then he got an offer the couldn't quite refuse. “A snow day party in the day?” he said. “I might be able to make that one.” (Atlanta may be the only city to have a "snow day" when it's 38 degrees and sunny out).


Of course, it wouldn't be a Gronk fest if he didn't mentioned 69. After Brady said there's “zero” chance that Sunday’s game will be his last, a reporter asked Rob what number he would say was the chance that he'd retire. Seriously??? You just walked right into that, dude. 

“You guys know my favorite number,” Rob replied. “You know what I’m talking about. She knows what number I’m talking about [pointing to a female reporter]. Ask her. That’s the answer.”

Then he proved that he is brains as well as brawn. “I’ll give you a math problem: What’s six times nine plus six plus nine?” Yes, you're right, it's 69.

Desperate to get a good soundbite, reporters also asked a multitude of inane questions, from his go-to Chick-fil-A order (original chicken sandwich and oreo shake) to a challenge to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

Later, going into faux serious mode, Gronk admitted that the team knows there's been a lot of negative things said about them this season and they're just "embracing it, taking it in ... and bringing it out in good energy." That can roughly be translated as, "be afraid Rams, very afraid." 

But hell, all criticism is motivation, right? "We get to laugh at Tommy when they say he has a noodle arm," Rob said. "But we're just doing it for laughs and fun because we know he doesn't have a noodle arm. And we know he's legit and his arm is as strong as ever."


Of course, you can't get through any event without someone asking No. 87 to Gronk Spike something - and on Monday it was a purse. Really? That's the best you've got?

"This week they’re only made for games, but I’ll take a picture with it,” Gronkowski replied, before asking: “Can I keep it?”

The piece de resistance, however, involved Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin when he walked over and pulled Big Rob in for a hug while he was sat down. With Irvin standing square at 6-foot-2, it meant that 6-foot-6 Gronk's head smacked right into the middle of his chest ... and that can only mean one thing. 

“Whoa, I’m sorry, man. I’m motorboating you,” Gronk said.

"We’re on live TV," Irvin responded. “We’re on live TV?” Oooops. Sorry, NFL Network.

Brady later told ESPN's Mike Reiss that seeing Gronk enjoy Opening Night was a highlight for him and gave him a "good feeling." Ohhhh, us too TB12.




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