New Orleans Saints Better be Ready for Week Two Gronk

Posted by: Gronkowski

Following a week one loss to Kansas City, Gronk is ready to turn things around, starting with the energy out on the field.

Something was off during game one when the Patriots faced the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 season opener. The main thing the Patriots were lacking? The energy, fire and passion they normally bring to the field.

Rob is calling this loss a “wakeup call” for himself and the team. In true leader fashion, he felt personally responsible for not being ready for game one.

“Just shows you’ve got to be ready every week, week-in and week-out,” Gronkowski said, according to WEEI. “It just shows that Week 1, you’ve got to be prepared, no matter what. It’s the NFL — they’ve got good players, a good team. You gotta be ready at all times, no matter who you’re facing, so it's just a wakeup call, especially for myself.”

Gronk seemed quieter than his normal self last week, with just two catches for 33 yards. That Gronk intensity we all know and love wasn’t as strong, and with a teammate like Julian Edelman out for the season that intensity is essential now more than ever.

“Just weren’t clicking,” Gronkowski continued via WEEI. “It starts with me. Gotta get open more. You’ve gotta get better separation. Make some plays. Get the offense rolling. Just wasn’t going to happen.”

With that being said, Gronk was covered by one of the best safeties in the game, Eric Berry. But that hasn’t stopped him in the past.

With key players like Tom Brady and Duron Harmon talking about the need for a team attitude adjustment, we all know the best person to lead that charge. Our favorite tight end in the game, Gronk.

Watch out Saints, the Patriots are coming for you for game two.


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