Gronk Throws the Falcons Defense Outta the Club, Drags Cooks Into the End Zone

Posted by: Gronkowski

The New England Patriots proved that the Super Bowl hangover is alive and real by delivering the Atlanta Falcons a crippling headache in a 23-7 pounding of their LI rivals on Sunday night.

There were plenty of fresh great moments in Gronk history during the game in Foxboro, but our favorite was Rob blocking for Brandin Cooks, who literally hung on to his jersey to be pulled into the end zone.

The genius play of using No. 87 as a giant human cart horse is just one of many blocking moves that the Bill Belichick and the coaching staff have thought up.

Brady’s shovel pass to Cooks resulted in the former New Orleans Saints wide receiver’s first TD as a Patriot, and it came with a little help from his friends.

Even through the eerie mist that made Gillette Stadium look like something out of a Halloween horror movie, we could all see that magic was happening on the foggy field at the expense of Matt Ryan and his team.

The logistics of the trick play involve having the entire offensive line run to the left as Gronk exits stage right, the sneaky back then ducks behind him and uses his forward momentum to barrel in for a touchdown.

“It really opens up the playbook,” Tom Brady said, according to “We have this quarterback draw now where I take the snap in the shotgun, and then ride Gronk piggy-back style. It’s not only effective, it’s fun!”

Apparently “everyone” in the league is using their TEs as blockers – but like everything else, the Pats just do it better.

“I was talking to other tight ends around the league and they were like, bro, we block all the time,” Gronkowski said. “And I was like, no way. And they were like, bro, this is how it goes down.”

"What’s funny is Cooks is a lot faster than me," he explained about the Pats' version of the TE block, WEEI reported. "He caught right up to me and was like hiding behind me. I heard him at like the 2-yard line and he was like, ‘Go Rob, go!’ I had the little block and he made it into the end zone, so it was a great play by him."

Watch the sweet play below.

Since the halftime of Super Bowl LI, the Pats have outscored the Falcons 54-7 over the course of six quarters and an overtime.

We can’t wait to see that stat coming to a Barstool Sports tee-shirt near you soon.



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