Patriots Do Their Homework Ahead of AFC Showdown Against the Chiefs: 'More Film I Watch, the Less Nervous I Get,' Brady Says

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The Wikipedia page for the AFC Championship game was cheekily edited this week to describe it as “where one team gets to play the New England Patriots for a chance to play in the Super Bowl.” (Don’t bother checking, it’s been fixed now!)

And while it was meant as a joke, the truth isn’t that far off. The Pats do hold the record for the number of AFC Championship victories going into Sunday’s game in Kansas City, boasting 10 wins (with Brady at QB for eight of them.) This will be the Pats eighth straight AFC championship, they’ve won four and lost three since 2012.

As important and tough as the matchup against the Chiefs will be, it’s also prompted a bunch of light-hearted fun from both camps. The Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City temporarily changed the name of its rollercoaster from The Patriot to Patrick.

While the Brady Nursery unofficially became the Mahomes Nursery for the week. 


On our side, Julian Edelman faced the doubters head on by launching the slogan “Bet Against Us” – even selling shirts proclaiming it. (The Pats are currently three point underdogs, which is negated as the Chiefs are at home). 

Everyone seems to have forgotten that the Pats beat the Chiefs 40-43 earlier this season …

But silly banter and doctored signs are the least of what these AFC rivals are bringing to the frozen field at Arrowhead come kickoff at 6:40 p.m. ET. The good news for fans - and the Chiefs - is that it’s not going to be the coldest in NFL history after all, with temperatures ranging from a balmy 29 degrees to 24, as opposed to prior threats from weathercasters of it dropping below zero. 

Of course, the Pats never worry about it being too cold and rejoice whenever winter is coming. “We're going to get ready for the Chiefs. Whatever it is, it is,” Bill Belichick said earlier in the week. “Love to play in a championship game. Schedule it wherever you want. We'll be there.”

Even after being there so many times, Belichick and Brady admitted they still get nervous before a marquee game with a spot in the Super Bowl on the line. “You want to go out there and do well. There’s an anxiety. We all have things in the game that we have to do,” Bill told reporters, according to

The G.O.A.T. said he gets antsy the week leading up to it “more like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, just as you’re preparing and trying to get to know the other team,” Brady told reporters. “I feel like the more I prepare, the less nervous I get because I can kind of expect how things are going to go a little bit more if I have a little more information on the team. 

“So, the more film I watch, the less nervous I get, and as soon as the ball’s kicked off, there’s not too many nerves,” he added.

The lesson from that is “do your homework,” kids. And by that, we’re not just talking to Patrick Mahomes, who’s a sprightly 23 years old compared to Brady’s 41. The Kid has thrown 5,097 yards and 50 touchdowns so far this season, and Old Man Brady is among his many admirers: “He’s had really a spectacular season.” 

Aside from studying their opponents, Gronk says, “Starting fast is a huge advantage in the league, big time,” which will allow the Pats to run the ball and reduce the Chiefs to being one-dimensional. 

While Brady is naturally being compared to Mahomes, Gronk has long been in the same conversation as Travis Kelce, with them both considered among the best tight ends in the league … ever.

“The way he can move, the (savvy) he has is second to none,” our No. 87 said about their 87 earlier this week, according to the Kansas City Star. “The way he can go up on a defender and plant one way and go the other, at his size and speed, that’s what makes tight ends special in this league.”

“I cherish every game that I get to go against an elite tight end,” Kelce said back to Gronk. “I think he is a hell of a player — that’s for sure.”

For all the trash talking and heated rivalry among the fans, it’s refreshing to know that both teams have the upmost respect for each other going into legacy-changing game. 

We'll just leave Brady to have the final word on this competition. “I just like winning,” he said after trampling the Chargers last week.

Let's f---ing go!


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